The Snow Returns!

The last snow we had was late February if memory serves. While the weather people were saying we could get some rain/snow mix Wednesday night, they weren’t showing any real snow until Thursday night. Well, as we saw during the winter snows, what the weather people think is often way off target.

So leaving work in my light jacket, I coughed my way through a heavy snow storm to my car in the parking lot. My car already had nearly three inches of snow on it, though the parking lot itself was mostly water with a little slush here and there. Having been so spring-like lately where it has rained rather than snowed, it was weird seeing the snow once again (though spring is when we get our heaviest snows usually). Fortunately, I don’t have far to drive home, though it did take me roughly 10-minutes once I left the parking lot rather than the standard six.

I look out my window now and see the snow is coming down pretty hard. The radar shows the snow building up in my neck of the woods. The weather people are saying 2-4 more inches to day. At this point, I can certainly believe that. We’ll see what it looks like this afternoon when I get up.

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