You Breath, You Polute! Smeg Head!

Thanks to the Supreme Court today, you exhaling is polluting the environment. That’s right, the carbon dioxide you breath out is a pollutant thanks to some moronic judges, who where last in science class when?

Seriously, how can carbon dioxide be a pollutant? Do you know what would happen to the world if we removed this “pollutant” from the atmosphere? In case you don’t, I’ll let you know. Not only would humans and EVERY animal species (in whatever form) have to die to remove said pollutant, but once said pollutant was removed, every plant would subsequently suffocate.

Yeah, plants REQUIRE carbon dioxide to live. After all, they turn carbon dioxide into oxygen.


How can this be a pollutant? Gah! What a bunch of complete morons.

Not only is carbon dioxide a pollutant, but now dihydrogen monoxide is also a pollutant. Dihydrogen monoxide is the CHIEF so-called green house gas in the atmosphere in case you didn’t know. While carbon dioxide takes nearly 4% of the greenhouse gas pie, dihydrogen monoxide takes up nearly 95% according to several sources (Dr. Patrick J. Michaels, Virginia State Climatologist and Professor of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia; Energy Information Administration, Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government; etc.).

Oh yeah. Dihydrogen monoxide is H20 — water (specifically when it comes to greenhouse gases, water vapor).

So water is a pollutant in addition the the carbon dioxide you exhale. I wonder if God knew this when he created the world.

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