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The End of 2021

The End of 2021 It has been forever since I wrote here. Quite frankly, a combination of things have been at play here. First, the world got stupid beyond belief. I mentioned this as a factor sapping my enthusiasm in my last entry. And to be honest, that really hasn’t changed. And the second has been work, which has been…

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A New Job

A new chapter starts in my life as I begin a new job. Things didn’t get off to a good start as Sunday night, I was amazingly not sleepy even though I went to bed when I had been going to bed. As such, it was well after midnight until I drifted off, but to make matters worse, I woke…

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Information Technology Security Stupidity

The biggest bane of my current job is stupidity, whether it be stupid laws like HIPAA or Obamacare, or “We’re so smart, we’re stupid” Indians, or corporate stupidity, brought about by the people running said corporation who have no idea how things actually work, but they have a college degree and theories on how things “should” work.  All of this…

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