Climbing Back on the Wagon…Again

Climbing Back on the Wagon…Again

Climbing Back on the Wagon…Again

I’ve done this “50-billion” times in my life, but once again, I’ve climb back onto the wagon to lose weight. And in this instance, back to the low-carb “fun”. Well, eating low-carb isn’t bad per se. One can certainly be sated on a low-carb regime. And yeah, when I’m in the groove, it isn’t like I have the shakes to eat fries or rice. But I do miss eating fries and rice, even without the cravings. I always do. Carbs are awesome to eat, but not awesome to be eaten, if that makes sense.

Anyway, whenever I transition back to a low-carb diet, I always go the Wendy’s route. I get two, Triple Big Bacon Classic sandwiches, no ketchup or bun. (They always add lettuce leaf buns, even if I don’t request them.) In terms of carbs, it is higher than I want when I’m in the groove. BUT, when going from a full-carb, “anything goes” eating regiment to a proper low-carb one, I need a transition. And this works for me.

Wendy's Big Bacon Classic Low Carb

Obviously, this is still a ton of calories. But first, I throttle back the carbs by doing one burger with American cheese and one without. That loses six grams of carbs alone. And then I usually lose half the tomato and pickles as well (higher in carbs). Ultimately, I try to keep my carb count under six carbs/meal. It isn’t always easy to do.

Since I love eating, the actual hardest part is throttling back the amount of food. In this case, the number of patties. Once I force myself, I’m fine. I’ve never been able to just do a single, 1/4 pound patty though. The least I’ve done is two 1/3 pound patties. 😅

What did I weigh? 366.8 pounds. I bought new scales, complete with a bloody app to record this data.

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