First Real Snow

We’d previously had a light dusting, but the almost 3-inches today is the first real snow of the cold season. I’m pretty excited. I know Savage Piper won’t be to pleased though. However, since the roads will be clear by the time we go to work tonight, I guess he’ll get over it. ^_~

The Snow Returns!

The last snow we had was late February if memory serves. While the weather people were saying we could get some rain/snow mix Wednesday night, they weren’t showing any real snow until Thursday night. Well, as we saw during the winter snows, what the weather people think is often way off target. So leaving work in my light jacket, I…

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More Snow 02

Well, Tuesday night saw us get about an inch of snow in Longmont. It was still snowing lightly when I left for my exercise class Wednesday morning, but by the time I left, the sun was out, though hazy. Of course, it didn’t snow the rest of the day. Last night, it snowed a bit more, roughly another inch. So…

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More Snow

Yay! I looked out the window and its snowing again. Its not a lot, but its covered the street, grass, and sidewalk with a good dusting at this point. Its not a heavy snow, so it would take a few hours to accumulate to an inch. The weather report is not saying any accumulations at the moment, but they are…

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Another Dusting

Man, the weather sure has been weird and HUMID! We walked out of work this morning to another dusting of snow, and the worst fog of the week (its been very foggy every morning). But, the temperatures keep rising to the low 40’s, so the meltage continues. The right front yard of my apartment building has lots of grass and…

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