‘Tis a Rainbow

Nothing too special, but the other day, there was a great rainbow in the sky. So, I took the tiny camera in my cell phone and grabbed this photo before it disappeared. Even after all these years, I still love the sight of a rainbow.

Rough Weather: Aftermath

I went to church in Greeley today. As such, I drove through one of the areas hit by the tornadoes of the other day. At first, I didn’t know what I was seeing as I initially came upon some trees which were strangely naked. Then I as I kept driving, I realized I was witnessing the tornado damage. I immediately…

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Rough Weather

There’s nothing like getting woken up to massive hail slamming into the building. Since I was awake, I checked WeatherBug just as a tornado warning came in for my immediate area. Yikes! Tornadoes had been spotted in areas nearby. We faired pretty well in the immediate area tornado-wise, but other towns and rural areas nearby got hit with other tornadoes.…

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