Rough Weather: Aftermath

I went to church in Greeley today. As such, I drove through one of the areas hit by the tornadoes of the other day. At first, I didn’t know what I was seeing as I initially came upon some trees which were strangely naked. Then I as I kept driving, I realized I was witnessing the tornado damage. I immediately recognized the place as one I’d seen on TV from a helicopter shot. There was the field irrigation system twisted and crumpled in places. There were the electricity poles that were blown over and some shattered like toothpicks. There was a spot where the ground look as if God had reached down with a finger as if to write on the ground. There were more trees sucked out of the ground, and more that had been stripped bare. It was truly an amazing site to behold.

I’ve been through hurricanes and typhoons before and I’ve seen the damage those cause. Those are awe inspiring because of the wide-ranged destruction they cause. This being the first time I’ve seen tornado damage, it inspired a different kind of awe in how some trees and structures had no damage and yet right next to the undamaged tree or structure is devastation, as if a precision bomb had been dropped (or the like). It was just an amazing thing to see.

As you might expect, Excel Energy had a lot of vehicles out and about. I’m sure there are a lot of people still without power and I’m sure that the folks tasked with restoring said power are getting massive amounts of overtime. I wish them the best.

My thoughts and prayers are with all those who have gone through the slew of recent tornadoes.

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