Rough Weather

There’s nothing like getting woken up to massive hail slamming into the building. Since I was awake, I checked WeatherBug just as a tornado warning came in for my immediate area. Yikes! Tornadoes had been spotted in areas nearby. We faired pretty well in the immediate area tornado-wise, but other towns and rural areas nearby got hit with other tornadoes.

I’m watching local TV (wishing I could go back to bed) but another storm is rapidly approaching fro the southeast. We may get clipped by it but there are more storms forming southeast of Denver and moving northwest. It may be a long afternoon.

Reader Comments

  1. Rough weather! Glad you’re okay, ANB!

    This sort of stuff happens around me all the time! 🙂

  2. @dusk — yeah, it is the time for rough weather.

    @oni_shin — Thanks. ^_^ We do get a lot of hail every year in Colorado and tiny, non-national news worthy tornadoes do touch down, but this time, it was pretty wild stuff.

    Anyway, I do remember the “fun stuff” that happens in your neck of the woods back when I lived down in that area.

    I’m just glad it is a quiet night at work because I’m hurting to stay awake.

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