-12°F — That’s COLD Y’all!

I just read a panic-inducing AP opinion piece, pseudo-disguised as a news article, talking about how were are all going to die from global warming if President Obama doesn’t raise his staff that budded and cool the planet (while taking more of our money from us), even though the planet has cooled in more recent times. Meanwhile, record freaking cold temps are blasting much of the U.S. and for my neck of the woods, we are going to have single-digit temps at night for the rest of the week and it doesn’t look like we’ll ever get to freezing (32°F) all week.

So maybe the soon-to-be new president has already worked his magic to cool the planet. All I know is that it is dang cold out there right now. ^_^;

Update: It is afternoon now and I’m laughing because today’s high was supposed to be 18°F. Instead, thanks to global warming, it only got up to 2°F. Tonight’s low is supposed to be 3°F, which is also a laugh because we are already at -1°F. Now, the weather forcasters are also saying that we may not get above 32°F for the next two weeks. ^_^;

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