It Has Been Four Weeks

It is hard to believe that four weeks ago tonight, it will be exactly four weeks since I received official word that I no longer had a job. The first couple of weeks went by slowly, but for some reason, the last week has flown by. Weird.

Last night, I got to hook up with a bunch of former comrades as we had a big get-together at Buffalo Wild Wings to at least see each other one more time. I know the King is planning on leaving the state and Billie may likely score other work within the company as may I (more on that later). It was fun seeing everyone and with the adult beverages flowing for the others, it was interesting seeing people let their hair down. Amazing what stuff you can learn from people feeling good. ^_^;

My former boss also came by the gathering, which was cool. She told me things that are changing within the company. For starters, they are rolling out LEAN 2.0. (I guess the first rollout is considered a failure for departments such as the one I used to belong to since it didn’t change anything beyond reducing the number of people who did the job. Apparently, lessons have been learned and they hope to make the manufacturing process work in an IT/IS environment come hell or high water.)

Also, the Company is requiring System Admins to be on site rather than work remotely. So no more working from home and while the details haven’t been worked out, I guess those people who are working from home from other states are either out of a job or will have to move to somewhere close enough where they can commute in. Of course, as I learned today, the Company wants most of the SA jobs done in India. Trivial matters such as Internet lines to India being cut don’t matter because Queen B has $1-million bonus on the line.

As for today, I had an interview. The pay is great, there are zero benefits, and the length of employment is 3 to 12-months. If offered, I’ll take this job just to continue saving money again. Then, I’ll likely splurge and buy a laptop so that I can get my P-Series server up and running as an AIX sandbox. Hopefully, I’ll know something next week.

I do miss my former co-workers but we keep in touch so it is not all lost. Besides, Savage Piper owes me some Tokyo Joes!

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