Me Lungs 03

As my friend Marc reminded me, I need to make an update…

I ended up taking last Wednesday night, Thursday night, and Friday night off due to the illness. I came into work last Saturday night better (much less coughing) and finally sans a low-grade fever that I’d sported the other days. I was pretty wasted but I made it through the night. Over the last three nights, I’ve basically taken it easy, taken my drugs, and done my nebulizer treatments.

I still have some coughing fits from time to time (non-productive ones, which makes them kinda frustrating) but overall, my cough has been reduced by about 85%. So that means that I can sleep without waking up to massive coughing fits. I’ve also purchased a new swamp cooler and have elevated the humidity in my apartment to just under 30%. I think that has helped as well.

I’m thankful to God for getting me through this. I usually get a nasty cough every winter, but this one was the worst yet. I don’t know if there was something different about this illness or if I’m just getting older. Regardless, I appreciate the thoughts and prayers of those who gave them.

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