Me Lungs 02

Man. This has been an awful last few days. I didn’t make it down to Colorado Springs because of my cough and I’ve had very little sleep over the past few days. So, that meant getting a doctor’s appointment today.

The official diagnosis is unknown to me. The doctor put me on a nebulizer to help open up my air passages and gave me a prescription to own my very own nebulizer. I’d never even seen a nebulizer until the months before Grandpa died because he needed one. So my needing one certainly made me go, “Hmmmm” (followed by a non-productive coughing spell). The doctor also gave me a prescription for another antibiotic and a more intensive regiment of Prednisone. Finally, I got dispatched to get a chest x-ray.

Fortunately, Longmont isn’t a big town so most things are fairly close by. The medical center that I went to for the chest x-rays was less than a mile away and after a wait (where a single mother had her 7-year old girl in for chest x-rays after having made a nebulizer purchase) , I had x-rays taken. Check them out.

I don’t know what these mean, but they are interesting just the same.

After the x-rays, I stopped by Walgreens and dropped off my prescriptions. Then it was on to score the nebulizer. Sadly, they didn’t take my insurance (something about not being contracted to do so), so I forked over the $100 for the device (The Lord provides!). Then it was onto the new Kentucky Fried Chicken in town to grab some lunch to go (and because its new, the chicken tastes pretty good) before starting my return voyage to the pharmacy and then home.

I am exhausted. I have to try to get some sleep, drink a lot more water, and Lord willing, I’ll be well enough to come in to work Wednesday night.

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