"Me Lungs!"

Ugh. I have the cough that just won’t go away. Back on February 19, I got sick and the cough has just held on like mad. I get this every year, but it is a bit frustrating.

Anyway, nearly two weeks ago, I went to the doctor to get this checked out. The doctor remarked on how I wasn’t faking the cough and suspected lung irritation and a possible infection. The lung irritation would make me cough, which would irritate the lungs more, which would cause more coughing, thus feeding itself. In an example of how primitive our medical science still is, the doctor tossed me an antibiotic and a drug for my lungs. He provided a diagnosis, but lets face it (and no offense to my Doctor), he has no real clue what’s wrong.

So, I finished up the last of the drugs Wednesday morning, with no improvement in my condition. Wednesday night into Thursday morning was more of the same, but Thursday night into Friday morning was awful. My lungs felt like crud and my cough got worse. I felt ill and desperate to just craw into bed.

I made it through though and I skipped exercise class in favor of sleep. Its rare for me to sleep any length of time before waking up, but I slept nearly 5-hours without waking up. Rolling over caused the coughing fits to start so I was awake for nearly 2-hours before getting a little more sleep before coming in tonight.

Still, the cough is bad at times, so much so that folks have joked that I must have TB. At least this is my final night. I can get some rest and Lord willing, I’ll be good to head to the Springs Sunday for church and a family visit.

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