As I’ve stated before, I’m a very lazy person. I don’t say that to brag, but simply state a fact — pointing out a serious flaw in my personage. Its pretty depressing when I think of it, but over my 3-day weekend, I felt somewhat motivated to get some things done. Granted, there’s not enough time to do it all (especially with as inefficient as I am and how easily I’m side-tracked by things), so I decided to do what I could and pray the Lord would give me the strength to do that much.

The Shamrock I won the other day came in a two-inch diameter plastic pot. It was cramped and I felt that if I was going to keep this plant alive, I needed to move it to a better pot. After consulting with my folks (who have grown plants for many years), I went to Wal-Mart and picked up a six-inch diameter ceramic green pot. It matches the Shamrock (I’ll take some poor pics at some point), so that meant getting some potting soil w/ plant food already inside (which was what the folks suggested). I did so, but got some that also had moisture control. I’ve only had one other plant in my life and it didn’t do too well, so this was something to help protect my plant (whether it works or not, who knows). Procuring these items (and some plant food sticks for down the road), I managed to re-pot the Shamrock and so far, so good. We’ll see how it survives.

Next on the to-do list I’ve already mention — shredding a year’s worth of credit card mailings and other personal papers I no longer require. Since I’ve already ranted on the credit card listings, I won’t rehash that. Still, there were a couple of bags of shreddings for other papers such as old medical bills, notices from my insurance company on what they paid, and so forth. Since all of these bills have either been paid or have been converted to a credit card (it sucks to pay interest, but it is nice to have a single bill vs. 20 bills), I saw no reason to keep them all any longer. Its amazing how long it took to go through all that and shred.

I got myself fitted for some shoes for my exercise class. At times, the treadmill has proven to cause me some pain and that was traced to my shoes. So while I did shift to a new pair of shoes I had in the closet, the lady that runs the class recommended getting some good shoes to handle my exercising. I talked with my friend and co-worker “Timmay” who happens to be a runner. He immediately let me know that he has to get new running shoes constantly and he goes to one of these specialty stores just to have his gate re-tested and to get the proper shoe.

So, all of this lead me to Fleet Feet in Boulder where I was tested, had my feet measured, and tried on shoes, all while the store owner’s very friendly young (but big) dog kept wanting attention. I spent a little over $100 for the New Balance shoes (something I’ve NEVER done before in my life, though I have purchased $100 shoes from a Nike factory outlet for around $50 on clearance). At 08:00, I’ll be trying them out in the exercise class.

I also took time to re-install Windows XP on my main system. I have had the worst time with Blue Screen of Death crashes, especially when I’m heavily doing file transfers via uTorrent. I’ve had the problem on this machine since I pulled it from the box. One of the big problems is Microsoft having multiple items on the same IRQ port (and Billy won’t allow you to manually move IRQ settings on a standard load of the O/S). Because I use my machine to the maximum (CPU, bandwidth), I’m one of those unfortunate saps who gets nailed by this since most folks would never be aware of it (indeed, I don’t crash when I scale back what I do). Full stress testing will need to be done still to see if the re-load worked (the reload was a near last resort since upgrading drivers, BIOS, and other things haven’t worked and Dell Support decided they were tired of going in circles since they don’t know exactly what’s causing the issue).

My garage has been purged of the old spider webs (of which there were many) and it has been sprayed down to keep the spider and bug population down (at least for a while).

Beyond doing some normal laundry, dishes, and mild cleaning, that was all I got accomplished this weekend. I’ve got a ton more things that need to be done around the house, not to mention getting my car into the shop to have the A/C fixed. Well, we’ll see what I get done next weekend.

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