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Being the lazy so-and-so I am (ugh!), I’ve been accumulating all of the various credit card offers, credit card bills, and other credit card communications for shredding for the last year. Why I don’t immediately shred them is a huge mystery, but I digress.

Anyway, as I broke out the shredder, I was STUNNED at the number of credit card related mailings I get. These smeg heads are so desperate to get me deeper into debt.

“Mr. AstroNerdBoy! We’ve increased your credit line! Here’s some credit checks.”

“Mr. AstroNerdBoy! Transfer a balance for 4.0%! Here’s some credit checks.”

“Mr. AstroNerdBoy! Transfer a balance for 1.0%! Here’s some credit checks.”

“Need a vacation Mr. AstroNerdBoy? Use these convenient credit checks.”

You get the point.

To make it worse, ever bloody statement comes with credit checks because clearly having a credit card isn’t good enough. I almost never use my bank’s checks so why would I use a credit card company’s checks for outrageous fees and interest rates? Its absolutely nuts and I don’t have that many credit cards — only three.

So, I filled a bag full of credit card mailing shreddings which just amazed me (on top of doing another bag full of old papers I no longer needed). I think I’m just going to keep the shredder by the door instead of in my office so I can drop stuff in there as soon as I walk in the door and get my shoes off.

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  1. Here’s what you do. You shred the credit app, but keep the return envelope. Then mail the shredded papers back to them. But don’t forget to remove the part with your name first. And make sure it’s a no postage required on the envelope.

    If enough of us did that, then maybe they’d quit mailing it to us!

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