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2014 Weight Loss, Week 12

Well, the bad week for eating is over, so it is time to see what the damage was from my trip to Jersey City, NJ, which included a trip to Manhattan. The scales reported back a non-surprising 324.4 pounds, so I’ve got my work cut out for me.

My job required me to head out to Jersey City to learn the Control-M scheduling tool with an expert consultant at the NJ site, who’s building the infrastructure even now. Of course, this meant that eating was going to be difficult, so I had already decided that I just wasn’t going to worry about things too much. As such, I went to breakfast with Dev-san (who was with me on the trip) to various places, including a restaurant in the hotel (The Westin), which had a very expensive but tasty grilled ham and eggs meal.

For lunch, we usually just went to the mall, which is near the hotel, since they have a massive food court and the meals aren’t quite so expensive.

For dinner, we went to all kinds of places. Sunday night, we went to Komegashi, where I had my favorite Japanese dish, katsudon. (Sorry for the dark picture – the Blackberry features are still new to me).

Katsudon at Komegashi

While the food was really good, there weren’t a lot of Japanese people working it (if any since the guys at the sushi bar may have been Chinese).  Not that this is a problem, but being out east, I thought Japanese places might be more likely to be run by Japanese folks.

Monday night, we went to Manhattan for a stop at Yakitori Totto.  From the website, I expected some sort high end, hoity-toity, modern place, more in line with Komegashi, only fancier. I was shocked to discover that the place is actually very tiny and older (but very clean and nice) and though access is from the street, one has to go immediately up narrow stairs.

This is a true Japanese restaurant. The staff were all Japanese, including one half-Japanese waiter. They all speak fluent English and Japanese, so no language barriers to cross.  The tiny restaurant is so much like a place one might find in Japan, I told Dev-san that if I closed my eyes, I could be in Tokyo for all I knew. So for me, the atmosphere was great.

Since I love donburi dishes, I had to have the Tokusen Oyakodon (chicken and egg over rice).  In hindsight, this was a mistake, but not because the food was bad. It was quite good. No, the mistake was in not just going with the yakitori stuff. I tried the negima, washu beef, and bacon asparagus yakitori as well as the chicken leg yakitori. Man was that incredible, so much so that I would have wanted more had I not filled myself on a rice dish. ^_^;

Yakitori Totto - Tokusen Oyakodon-negima yakitori-beef yakitori

Again, sorry about the not so great photo. ^_^;

We didn’t just do Japanese food I could talk about the big steak I had, or the lobster mac-and-cheese I had, all of which were great. Instead, I want to talk about how I finally got to live a Red Dwarf dream when we went to Raaz, an Indian restaurant. I’ve only been to one Indian restaurant before, which was pretty good but limited. When I saw that Raaz had Chicken Vindaloo and Poppadoms, well, my meal choice was set. After all these years of hearing Lister and the others from Red Dwarf talk about vindaloos and such, I finally have tried it, and it was good, though I preferred the garlic naam over the crispy poppadoms.

Raaz Chicken Vindaloo and garlic naam

This was just a small serving. To the left is the bowl of chicken vindaloo sans rice or anything. In the upper-right corner, you can just see a plate of rice, which we all shared. And there was a whole basket full of the naam, which I really liked.

So yeah, a decadent week for eating, to be sure. However, now that I’m back home, I have to get back on the bandwagon for losing weight. ^_^;


2014 Weight Loss, Week 11

Another quick post as I have a very packed schedule today. Regardless, the report on this week’s weight is an unimpressive 316.4, which is a 0.6 pound drop from last week. I actually thought I might weigh more than that since it wasn’t a good week, what with free donuts, free breakfast sandwiches, a free Three Musketeers candy bar, and some Cadbury Eggs.  There was even a day when I violated the Carb Addicts Diet rules. Ugh. *_*

Continuing my “tasty Japanese foods” segment of late, as usual, our group made a trip to Sakura House in Denver. We got Crystal Rolls as an appetizer, but I forgot to get a picture of it apparently. I got Katsudon, and actually remembered to get a picture of it.

Sakura House Katsudon

I love Katsodon.  Next time we go, I have to try the bento lunch, which a couple of the guys got and loved.

Sakura House Bento

Next week is going to be a bad week due to everything on my very busy schedule. I’m going to try to mitigate the damage, but we’ll see how things turn out.

2014 Weight Loss, Week 10

This isn’t going to be a long post as my incredibly busy week, complete with not enough sleep, ends. It was not a good eating week, and as a result, this week’s scales reported a 1.6 pound increase to 317 pounds. This was a direct result of stress eating early in the week. Though I followed the Carb Addicts Diet rules (save for an accidental fail), way too many calories were taken in.  If I’d remained sensible, which is what I started returning to on Wednesday, I’d have been OK.

Speaking of Wednesday, our group at work had our outing to Sakura House for tasty Japanese food.  I got the Katsu Curry Rice (breaded, boneless pork cutlet, rice, and Japanese curry sauce), which came with miso soup and a salad. Very tasty, and not heavy on calories.

Sakura House Katsu Curry Rice

Well, not that my site move from DreamHost to KnownHost is over, I’m hoping to get back on track with the weight loss. Stress eating is going to be a real danger for sure, especially as my job becomes more stressful over the next few months.

2014 Weight Loss, Week 9

This post is somewhat delayed due to the moving of my domain to a new hosting company. Also, I had to get a new cable so I can grab some pictures off the phone.  Regardless, when I weighed in this morning, I had a somewhat disappointing result of 315.4 pounds, which is only a 0.6 pound drop off of last week’s 316 pounds.

I did have a couple of failures.  The first happened early in the week, where I had way, way, way more than a few Chips Ahoy! Chewy Gooey Chocofudge chocolate chip cookies. ^_^;

Chips Ahoy Chewy Gooey Chocofudge


If that had been my load failure, I would have been OK. Unfortunately, some friends and went to Woody’s Tavern on Thursday evening after work and got the all you can eat pizza/salad/soup bar. I made sure to have a low carb meal for lunch (which is when I usually have carbs) so that I could eat my carb meal that evening. It was good, but alas, I ended up eating way more than I should have. ^_^;

This didn’t hurt me, but on Saturday, I got a Tokyo Joe’s large chicken bowl with yellow curry sauce (had a coupon to buy one, get one free). While this is not authentic Japanese food, it is pretty good for a rice bowl

Tokyo Joe's Chicken Bowl

Tokyo Joe’s large chicken bowl (to go).

Tokyo Joe's Large Chicken Bowl with Yellow Curry

Tokyo Joe’s large chicken bowl with yellow curry sauce. Very tasty, even if not authentic Japanese rice bowls.

Speaking of Japanese food, Wednesday, a group of us went to Sakura House, which is the Japanese restaurant I’ve mentioned previously.  I almost forgot to take photos, but I did manage to take a shot of the karage and korokke appetizers we ordered as well as the tempura set (tempura shrimp and tempura veggies with a bowl of udon). I’d eaten half of my tempura before I remembered I hadn’t taken the shot. ^_^;

Sakura House Korokke

Korokke (mashed potato croquette) from Sakura House.

Sakura House Karage

Karaage (Japanese style, boneless fried chicken) from Sakura House.

Sakura House Udon-Tempura Set

Udon and Tempura (shrimp and veggies) set, half eaten, from Sakura House.

Anyway, I have to try not to eat so much this week so that I can have more weight loss rather than minimal weight loss.

2014 Weight Loss, Week 8

I’m running behind on this week’s post, but better late than never. When I got up this morning, the scales reported my weight as 316 pounds, which is a 2.4 pound drop from last week’s 318.4. Initially, I didn’t believe it because I had a really bad Saturday to start things off, but repeated weight checks kept popping up the same result. ^_^

As to that bad Saturday, Pizza Hut is currently running a $10 pizza special with any toppings (extra charge for stuffed crust pizza or extra cheese). So I bought a couple of those as I planned to freeze most of it. However, as usually happens when I order freshly made food, I ended up eating way more than I should have, even though my “satisfied” switch had been flipped on, thanks to the Carb Addicts Diet. Out of the freezer, I can microwave or reheat in the oven a slice or two of pizza and I’m good, especially with sliced tomato on the side.  Fresh, I can easily eat six or more slices. ^_^;

Wednesday will be my Japanese food day. Dev-san, myself, and another developer or two will be hitting a nice Japanese restaurant about 10 minutes from work on most Wednesdays. This past Wednesday, I had my favorite Japanese dish, katsudon (fried, boneless pork cutlet which is then finished off by cooking in an egg mixture, along with grilled onions and served over rice). Man was it good. We also tried some shumai (a type of dumpling) which was good as well. I meant to take a picture of the meal, but I spaced it. So, here’s a stock image.

KatsudonThis Wednesday, I think we are doing the udon/tempura set, which I’m looking forward to. ^_^

So, despite a bad day to start things of with, the rest of the week was pretty good and I am happy with the 2.4 pound weight loss. I’m hoping for another good result next Saturday.

2014 Weight Loss, Week 3

The third complete week in January has come to an end, which of course means that it is time for me to get on the scales. The weight loss continues as I weighed 319.6 this morning, which is a drop of 1.6 pounds from last week’s 321.2. While not the two pounds a week I would prefer, the continued weight loss is all that matters in the end.

I have to say that I was somewhat disbelieving of the scales. For starters, dropping below 320 looks odd to me (though I’ll get used to it) when I see it on the scales. I also had a couple of days were I didn’t break either my 5:2 Diet rules nor the Carb Addicts Diet rules, but where I did splurge food-wise.

Last Saturday, I made a large pot of spaghetti, which is tied with cheeseburgers as a favorite food of mine, and I overindulged somewhat.  Wednesday, I went out with Dev-san and Tests-a-lot to Sushi Den for lunch. I had recorded training lessons of the martial arts style that Tests-a-lot teaches for Dev-san, so he repaid us by buying lunch.  I had the chicken and vegetable tempura, which was incredible, and a bowl of miso soup, which was the best I’ve EVER had. Dev-san got me to try a couple of pieces of sushi. (I don’t remember the names, but I think one had grilled fatted tuna and the other was some raw fish of some kind.) There was a desert we shared, but the killer was probably the glasses of Coke with grenadine. ^_^;  It was all good though.

Sushi Den

Although it has been three weeks, I still don’t feel in a groove.  I have made progress in my weight loss, for which I am thankful, but I still don’t have the right mindset.  I have found that even when I haven’t craved foods on my Carb Addicts Diet days, I still want to eat, even if I still feel full. This is just a mental thing and I just need to put it in its place.

I know I have one bad thing coming up later today, but hopefully, that’ll be it and I’ll have a net positive week in weight loss. ^_^;

Time For a New Weight Loss Check-in

Another week has come and gone, and with it, it is time for a new weight loss check-in report. With the fun of the week, what do the scales say?  I was completely stunned when the scales reported a weight of 321.2, a weight loss of 2.4 pounds. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve very happy about this, but I didn’t think I’d lose much weight at all. Indeed, I had to check the scales several times this morning.

To be honest, it wasn’t a great week for me on the weight loss front.  One element of the fun was having one of my 5:2 Diet fast days hijacked at work due to foods being served there. Company B provided tubs of various flavored popcorn, cookies, muffins, pretzels, and more. Then, there was the free pizza. Well, it is the festive season, so they say. ^_^;

Another element of the fun came when one of my comrades in the development team, “Dev-san” (not a very creative name, but there ya go), invited me to his house last Saturday for food and a movie. He is married to a Japanese woman, so the promise of a home cooked Japanese meal was too much to pass up, even though this meant violating the Carb Addict Diet part of my weight loss scheme.  ^_^

Mrs. Dev-san decided to go mostly with izakaya type foods, which are the Japanese equivalent to “party foods” in my mind as everything is bite-sized and rice is off the menu for drinking purposes.  It was really good, so I thought I’d breakdown what we had.  (The pictures aren’t from our actual get together, but next time we do this, I’m bringing my camera for sure!)

Karaage — These are bite-sized, fried chicken pieces, similar to boneless chicken wings without any sauce on them. The breading and seasoning on karaage is a bit different from American breading on fried chicken, but it is quite good.

KaraageOkonomiyaki — This is often called a Japanese pancake, but I rather dislike calling it a pancake. However, because there’s a batter, the term “pancake” is used. That being said, the one made by Mrs. Dev-san was a veggie one, meaning the batter had shredded cabbage and onion. It was cut like a pizza and was very much like a pizza in how it looked, though one doesn’t pick up a piece of okonomiyaki with one’s fingers. Regardless, it was most excellent. ^_^

OkonomiyakiCold tofu salad — I’m not a fan of tofu, which is rather bland on its own, and it has a texture that for some reason doesn’t go well with me. Mrs. Dev-san did an excellent job of presentation and it was well made (unlike the picture below, hers had halved small tomatoes all around and some other garnishment and a dressing). I just don’t care for tofu, but I had some just the same. ^_^

cold tofu saladYasai no Nikumaki — In English, this would be Beef and Vegetable Rolls. By “rolls”, I don’t mean a bread product, but rather shaved beef steak that’s wrapped around a vegetable stick of some kind, then fried. Mrs. Dev-san used green beans as her vegetable (the image below uses some other vegetable), and man, was this awesome. ^_^

yasai_no_nikumakiNibitashi ZucchiniNibitashi is a kind of vegetable cooking where the vegetable is boiled in  dashi. Dashi is a kind of broth, stock, or soup. In this case, it was a broth made from soy sauce.  Obviously, the vegetable here was zucchini (sliced), but Mrs. Dev-san also made the nibitashi with bacon.  As a Southerner, I fully approved of this, since bacon makes lots of things taste better. ^_^  No images ’cause there was nothing on the Net like what we had.

Tamago-maki — This dish is a type of Japanese omelet (different from a Western omelet), which is rolled up and cut into pieces. Very good stuff.  (Sometimes, this is called tamagoyaki.)

tamago-makiNimono KobachaNimono is another Japanese cooking style (simmering) and kobacha is a Japanese pumpkin (sometimes referred to as a squash).  Very tasty indeed. ^_^

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOshitashi NappuOshitashi is another Japanese cooking style. Instead of the usual spinach that seems to be used for oshitashi, Mrs. Dev-san used nappu, which is Chinese cabbage. This was topped with katsuobushi, dried bonito fish flakes. This was the one thing that I wasn’t sure about, but it was most excellent. The bonito flakes came off more like dried, bacon flakes rather than fish flakes. Regardless, I really liked it.

There was sake and umeshu to boot (rice wine and plum wine respectively).  Good stuff and good times. ^_^

More fun happens next week. We’ll see how the weight loss goes. I can already report that my Saturday was completely destroyed for losing weight. ^_^;

Quick Weight Loss Post

Just a quick weight loss post here since my entire weekend was completely tied up in other things. That being said, I did weigh in on Saturday, as usual, and the scales reported 323.6, which is exactly a two pound loss over last week. Clearly, a good week for me, and I continue the number of consecutive weeks with at least some weight loss. That’s an improvement for sure over how things were. ^_^

Next week, and indeed the rest of the month of December, are going to prove very tricky as I will be engaged in quite a number of activities that will challenge both the 5:2 Diet aspects of my weight loss scheme as well as the Carb Addicts Diet part. In fact, Saturday night already challenged that part, but I’ll have to talk about that next Saturday. Hopefully, it didn’t mess me up too badly, but I will say this — there was awesome, homemade Japanese food, sake, and some VERY delicious umeshu (plum wine).

Choya Umeshu
That is the brand (Choya) if you were wondering. It is a sweet wine, served best over ice. And yeah. those are fermented plums in the bottle. ^_^  As I said, VERY tasty stuff. ^_^

Anyway, we’ll see how next week goes.