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2014 Weight Loss, Week 24

It is another busy week, but I needed to make a quick update. I again clocked in at 327.6 pounds, which isn’t good. Had it not been for the 5:2 Diet element, I would have gained weight for sure.

Sunday, I had some slippage as I ended up pigging out with a massive breakfast meal for my carb meal under the Carb Additcs Diet plan. For some reason, I fancied hot buttered toast, and though I don’t have a toaster, I just fry my bread in butter to achieve the same result,  It was really good, but just way too any calories for the day, to say nothing of having some baked salmon that evening, adding to the calorie count.

I was really good again until Friday evening. When I came home, my neighbor was out with his wife and young kid grilling. As we chatted, he grabbed an ear of corn off the grill and gave it to me. I’m not a big corn fan, but once every couple of years or so, some hot buttered corn on the cob strikes my fancy.  It had been about that long.

When I got into my house, I just had to have this fresh rather than putting it into the fridge like I should have done. After shucking the corn and melting some butter, a couple of tasty bites in, I had to have something to go with this. I had a package of Hormel Pork Roast Au Jus, meaning in four minutes, I’d have a meat item.

Hormel Pork Roast Au Jus

However, butter and corn with roast pork made me crave rice, so out came a package of Japanese microwave rice, which then turned into two packages of rice. *_*  And then I decided to have a cheese sandwich for some odd reason. *_*

Japanese microwave Rice

Friday, despite the temptation of donuts, I stuck to my 5:2 Diet plan and saved the donuts given to me for Saturday after I’d weighed in. So not a good way to start the new week.


2014 Weight Loss, Week 23

A combination of being busy and being bummed out over my lack of weight loss kept me from making an update last week. I had jumped up to 334 pounds, though that probably wasn’t totally accurate. After all, that Friday, I had bought Dunkin’ Donuts for the team (after all the free donuts I’ve consumed from others, I felt I should return the favor) and I’d eaten a ton of them.

Regardless, the week left me frustrated, and after some prayer, I realized that I had no choice but to bring back the 5:2 Diet aspect to my life. I really didn’t want to do it since I don’t like feeling hungry (and I obviously feel hungry on days were I’m only consuming 600 calories for the entire day), and work stress is when I tend to eat more, but I had to do it to get back on the wagon and in the groove.

So, for week 23, I weighed in at 327.6 pounds. Yes, there’s a huge drop from last week, but as I said, I don’t think last week’s numbers were totally accurate after a day of gorging out on high calorie foods.

The question remains, what will next week be like?  Doing the combination of the 5:2 Diet and the Carb Addicts Diet again, I’m hoping to see positive results.

Garfield eating

2014 Weight Loss, Week 21

Week 20, which I was too busy to write about, was an OK week as I clocked in at 326.2 pounds. Week 21 was not good at all, as I weighed in at 328.0.

I know I had one bad day where I violated the Carb Addicts diet rules, but I think the problem lies in the fact that I’m still stress eating. The special project for Company C continues, and though we’ve had success, the executives there are demanding pedal to the metal speeds despite none of us knowing Control-M that well, and the developers NOT developing their code for Control-M, which causes additional problems for us.

But hey, “I’m a big time executive with an MBA. Whatever I don’t understand can’t be difficult, and whatever’s not difficult must be easy, and whatever’s easy can be done in no time.

Regardless, I’ve got to stop letting this stupidity I have to deal with result in me doing what Shin-chan is doing below.


2014 Weight Loss, Week 11

Another quick post as I have a very packed schedule today. Regardless, the report on this week’s weight is an unimpressive 316.4, which is a 0.6 pound drop from last week. I actually thought I might weigh more than that since it wasn’t a good week, what with free donuts, free breakfast sandwiches, a free Three Musketeers candy bar, and some Cadbury Eggs.  There was even a day when I violated the Carb Addicts Diet rules. Ugh. *_*

Continuing my “tasty Japanese foods” segment of late, as usual, our group made a trip to Sakura House in Denver. We got Crystal Rolls as an appetizer, but I forgot to get a picture of it apparently. I got Katsudon, and actually remembered to get a picture of it.

Sakura House Katsudon

I love Katsodon.  Next time we go, I have to try the bento lunch, which a couple of the guys got and loved.

Sakura House Bento

Next week is going to be a bad week due to everything on my very busy schedule. I’m going to try to mitigate the damage, but we’ll see how things turn out.

2014 Weight Loss, Week 10

This isn’t going to be a long post as my incredibly busy week, complete with not enough sleep, ends. It was not a good eating week, and as a result, this week’s scales reported a 1.6 pound increase to 317 pounds. This was a direct result of stress eating early in the week. Though I followed the Carb Addicts Diet rules (save for an accidental fail), way too many calories were taken in.  If I’d remained sensible, which is what I started returning to on Wednesday, I’d have been OK.

Speaking of Wednesday, our group at work had our outing to Sakura House for tasty Japanese food.  I got the Katsu Curry Rice (breaded, boneless pork cutlet, rice, and Japanese curry sauce), which came with miso soup and a salad. Very tasty, and not heavy on calories.

Sakura House Katsu Curry Rice

Well, not that my site move from DreamHost to KnownHost is over, I’m hoping to get back on track with the weight loss. Stress eating is going to be a real danger for sure, especially as my job becomes more stressful over the next few months.

2014 Weight Loss, Week 9

This post is somewhat delayed due to the moving of my domain to a new hosting company. Also, I had to get a new cable so I can grab some pictures off the phone.  Regardless, when I weighed in this morning, I had a somewhat disappointing result of 315.4 pounds, which is only a 0.6 pound drop off of last week’s 316 pounds.

I did have a couple of failures.  The first happened early in the week, where I had way, way, way more than a few Chips Ahoy! Chewy Gooey Chocofudge chocolate chip cookies. ^_^;

Chips Ahoy Chewy Gooey Chocofudge


If that had been my load failure, I would have been OK. Unfortunately, some friends and went to Woody’s Tavern on Thursday evening after work and got the all you can eat pizza/salad/soup bar. I made sure to have a low carb meal for lunch (which is when I usually have carbs) so that I could eat my carb meal that evening. It was good, but alas, I ended up eating way more than I should have. ^_^;

This didn’t hurt me, but on Saturday, I got a Tokyo Joe’s large chicken bowl with yellow curry sauce (had a coupon to buy one, get one free). While this is not authentic Japanese food, it is pretty good for a rice bowl

Tokyo Joe's Chicken Bowl

Tokyo Joe’s large chicken bowl (to go).

Tokyo Joe's Large Chicken Bowl with Yellow Curry

Tokyo Joe’s large chicken bowl with yellow curry sauce. Very tasty, even if not authentic Japanese rice bowls.

Speaking of Japanese food, Wednesday, a group of us went to Sakura House, which is the Japanese restaurant I’ve mentioned previously.  I almost forgot to take photos, but I did manage to take a shot of the karage and korokke appetizers we ordered as well as the tempura set (tempura shrimp and tempura veggies with a bowl of udon). I’d eaten half of my tempura before I remembered I hadn’t taken the shot. ^_^;

Sakura House Korokke

Korokke (mashed potato croquette) from Sakura House.

Sakura House Karage

Karaage (Japanese style, boneless fried chicken) from Sakura House.

Sakura House Udon-Tempura Set

Udon and Tempura (shrimp and veggies) set, half eaten, from Sakura House.

Anyway, I have to try not to eat so much this week so that I can have more weight loss rather than minimal weight loss.

2014 Weight Loss, Week 8

I’m running behind on this week’s post, but better late than never. When I got up this morning, the scales reported my weight as 316 pounds, which is a 2.4 pound drop from last week’s 318.4. Initially, I didn’t believe it because I had a really bad Saturday to start things off, but repeated weight checks kept popping up the same result. ^_^

As to that bad Saturday, Pizza Hut is currently running a $10 pizza special with any toppings (extra charge for stuffed crust pizza or extra cheese). So I bought a couple of those as I planned to freeze most of it. However, as usually happens when I order freshly made food, I ended up eating way more than I should have, even though my “satisfied” switch had been flipped on, thanks to the Carb Addicts Diet. Out of the freezer, I can microwave or reheat in the oven a slice or two of pizza and I’m good, especially with sliced tomato on the side.  Fresh, I can easily eat six or more slices. ^_^;

Wednesday will be my Japanese food day. Dev-san, myself, and another developer or two will be hitting a nice Japanese restaurant about 10 minutes from work on most Wednesdays. This past Wednesday, I had my favorite Japanese dish, katsudon (fried, boneless pork cutlet which is then finished off by cooking in an egg mixture, along with grilled onions and served over rice). Man was it good. We also tried some shumai (a type of dumpling) which was good as well. I meant to take a picture of the meal, but I spaced it. So, here’s a stock image.

KatsudonThis Wednesday, I think we are doing the udon/tempura set, which I’m looking forward to. ^_^

So, despite a bad day to start things of with, the rest of the week was pretty good and I am happy with the 2.4 pound weight loss. I’m hoping for another good result next Saturday.

2014 Weight Loss, Week 7

A holiday week comes to an end, which is always a dangerous time since I have an extra day off (even if it is without pay), thus more opportunities to cave to temptation. ^_^; That said, it is time to get on the scales to face judgement. This week, pretty good news as I weighed in at 318.4 pounds, which is a 1. 6 pound drop from last week’s 320 pounds, and this marks a new low since I started losing weight.

I wasn’t as careful as I should have been at the start of the week. I still need to work on that. Also, I made baked chicken, using a recipe I found online, which turned out to be pretty good, especially in terms keeping the chicken breasts juicy. ^_^ I also did a batch of baked chicken drumsticks, and as has always been a problem for me, I did scarf out a lot on chicken while it was fresh. From Wednesday on, I was good, having salads for lunch with my diced chicken breasts in them, and then a sensible, low-carb dinner (like a can of tuna; some shredded cheddar; a couple of spoons of Parmesan cheese, and some pork rinds if I need crunch).

Speaking of pork rinds, I’m not crazy about plain ones, and the hot ones are just heat without flavor. But, I did finally find a brand and flavor that just rocks. Rudolph’s Bold & Spicy BBQ Flavored Pork Rinds.  I don’t like BBQ potato chips, but I do like these BBQ pork rinds. Man, these are good, and perfect for low-carb meals where I feel the need for crunch, or for when I feel the need for crunch in general (like last night, after a hard day at work).

RudolphsBBQPorkRinds5ozThis upcoming week has a lot of challenges for me to get through, including two or three outings with friends. Hopefully, I’ll still be able to lose some weight for next Saturday. ^_^


2014 Weight Loss, Week 6

A very busy week has ended, and though I won’t get paid for the upcoming holiday, nevertheless, I’m looking forward to the time off.  Still, as it is the weekend, I need to hop on the scales to face my doom. Not a great week as I clock in at 220.0, which is a 0.8 pound increase over last week.  Were the 5:2 Diet part of my weight loss scheme still in effect, no doubt the one-two punch from that would have caused me to lose weight, but since that’s not in effect, it is time to figure out what went wrong.

This past week saw the usual pitfalls that I tend to fall into. On Sunday, I had a big breakfast for my carb meal. (OK, it was HUGE.)  Rather than stop when I hit the “satisfied” sensation, I kept eating anyway. *_* Even then, I still had stuff left over for a lunch on Monday. ^_^;

Wednesday, Dev-san and I went to a new Japanese restaurant about a ten minute drive from where we work. I hadn’t had tonkotsu ramen since I left Japan, so I was eager to have it. We also ordered some gyoza. Both were quite excellent, though I couldn’t finish my giant bowl of soup (I ate all the ramen, pork, mushrooms, and the boiled egg though).  The killer here was less the ramen (which I think is fairly high in calories), but the multitude of glasses of root beer that I had. No doubt there were a ton of calories there. ^_^;

Tonkotsu Ramen

Friday saw free pizza enter the picture, which was the final nail on making sure I didn’t lose weight for the week.

Another element, which I’ve also mentioned before, is when I’m at home. I now have a work from home day, and I noticed that I was munching on things (low carb stuff to be sure to not violate the Carb Addicts Diet rules on carbs, but additional calories) throughout the day as I worked. When I’m in the office, all I have is what I bring in, so there’s nothing for me to get up and snack on.  I’ll really have to try to pay attention and stop myself from doing fridge raids.

Anyway, things could have been a lot worse. As it is, I need to just have some self control if I don’t want to bring back the 5:2 Diet element to force the weight loss.