2014 Weight Loss, Week 21

Week 20, which I was too busy to write about, was an OK week as I clocked in at 326.2 pounds. Week 21 was not good at all, as I weighed in at 328.0.

I know I had one bad day where I violated the Carb Addicts diet rules, but I think the problem lies in the fact that I’m still stress eating. The special project for Company C continues, and though we’ve had success, the executives there are demanding pedal to the metal speeds despite none of us knowing Control-M that well, and the developers NOT developing their code for Control-M, which causes additional problems for us.

But hey, “I’m a big time executive with an MBA. Whatever I don’t understand can’t be difficult, and whatever’s not difficult must be easy, and whatever’s easy can be done in no time.

Regardless, I’ve got to stop letting this stupidity I have to deal with result in me doing what Shin-chan is doing below.


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