2014 Weight Loss, Week 19

Week 18, which I couldn’t be bothered about, was a disaster even greater than what I had feared as I not only completely failed on trying to lose weight, but the results of that were even more disastrous as I weighed in at 333.2 pounds. The shock of that actually spurred me to really try to make the effort to reverse that. Thankfully, I did that and weighed in this morning at 327.6, which is slightly less than what I weighed in at for week 17.

Regardless, there won’t be any celebrations until I get back below 315, which was my low weight point before I took my trip to New Jersey. I’m still going to have to be careful of the free food, which has been flowing quite freely of late, as well as dealing with the stress from the project I’m on at work for Company C.


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