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5:2 Diet Anew – Week 11

Week 11 of the 5:2 Diet has completed, so it is time to face judgement on the scales of doom.  Drum roll please.  And the scales say that I weigh 336.0, a drop of 2 pounds.  So, a good week.

Since I’ve not been doing well at all in losing weight since I started working days, I’ve been pondering what to do.  Having an analytical mind, whenever there’s a problem, I have to solve it.  Obviously, the simplest solution is to eat less. Unfortunately, what looks simple on paper is sometimes not to simple to accomplish in reality, which is how things are with the whole weight lost with me.

As such, I’ve added a new element to the 5:2 Diet scheme. I won’t discuss what that is at this point until at least another positive week has passed. After that, I’ll go into it with more detail.

Regardless, this new element will add another level of discipline to my eating lifestyle.  For example, on Thursday, my contract company’s account rep brought in breakfast from Santiago’s for us. My boss insisted I take two breakfast burritos, and since they are pretty good, I said, “Sure.” Normally, free food and I are a bad mix as I go right off the wagon.  But this time, I saved my burritos, put them into my cooler, and since they reheat pretty nicely in the microwave, I’ll have them for a lunch Monday.

Santiago's Breakfast BurritoI’d nearly forgotten about it, but on Wednesday, some rep came to sign up folks for either Sam’s Club or Costco. Contractor scum like myself weren’t invited (bastards), but they brought goodies, the leftovers of which I was invited to partake in. So, I grabbed a large, chocolate muffin and a bunch of cookies. I still haven’t eaten them. ^_^

Anyway, as I said, if I have another good week, which I think I will, then I’ll talk more about this second element I’m adding to make things right.  (I may talk about it even if I don’t have such a good week, but we’ll see what happens.)

5:2 Diet Anew – Week 10

Another week, another weigh in for the 5:2 Diet. The scales report that I’m at 338.0, an insignificant drop of 0.2 pounds.

I have to say that I was really surprised by this lack of weigh loss. I didn’t have my normal failures that cause this, like picking up some hideous desert or the like (though I did have a couple of chocolate chip cookies at work one day and a couple of donuts another day at work, thanks to evil people bringing them in). So, I had to sit down and think about what the heck I did that thwarted me this week.

One change I made this week was that to try to save more money, I stopped going to McDonald’s to get either a Sausage Egg Biscuit or one of their Bacon Egg Cheese Biscuits. I was only buying one for breakfast, which is not too bad, though a single sandwich clocks in at 510 calories (and to be honest, I could easily eat two or even three).


When I started fixing myself breakfast at home, I just made whatever I wanted and ate it, whether it was grits and eggs, sausage-egg scramble, etc.  I probably had nearly double the amount of calories vs. the single McDonald’s breakfast sandwich as I think back on things.  It is easy to get carried away when one is home and has a pantry, fridge, and freezer full of foods.

What this means is that I’m really going to have to be conscious of what I’m doing when I make breakfast and not just throw a bunch of stuff together because it sounds good.  Even if I don’t make as much, I have to avoid thinking things like, “I’m still feeling peckish. Maybe a couple of slices of cheese will help fill the corners.”

Still, if there’s a positive to take out of the week, it is that I didn’t go and buy some pie, cake, or the like. I want to keep that up for sure.


5:2 Diet Anew – Week 09

Once again, I’m running behind on my reporting, but I did weigh in on Saturday like normal. I checked in at 338.2 pounds, only a 0.8 pound drop.

My failure for the week were the Kraft Jet-Puffed Pumpkin Mallows. I hadn’t had marshmallows in who knows how long, and I thought these would have a pumpkin flavor, so I bought a bag. I realized it was a mistake to leave them at work, so on Wednesday, my fast day , I brought them to work. Sadly, on Thursday, I ended up scarfing a ton, which is what killed what would have been another good week in weight loss. *_*

Kraft Jet-Puffed Jumbo Pumpkin Mallows

I didn’t pay attention to that small blurb at the bottom of the bag, which clearly indicates these marshmallows are just the normal ones, cut in the shape of a pumpkin, colored orange, and in giant form.

As I’ve said before, I have really got to avoid temptation and that means not buying stuff like this.

OK, here’s to what I hope will be a better 5:2 Diet week.

5:2 Diet Anew – Week 08

It is a new week on the 5:2 Diet and time to check on how last week went.  According to the scales, I’m at 339.0, a 2.2 pound drop from last week.  It is nice to see the number back into the 330 range but I really have to keep buckled down.

I thought I may have blown the week when on one of my fast days, my contract company account rep for Company B brought in a big box of Einstein Bros bagel sandwiches and wraps. Because Company B does a fair amount of business with her, I guess this is her way of saying thanks.  Plus, free food always makes a person more acceptable.

Regardless, since I just couldn’t turn down free food, I did grab a Turkey Sausage and Cheddar Egg Bagel. It was only labeled as “sausage” by the wrapping in the box, so I just presumed it was pork sausage since I’ve never eaten at Einstein Bros, namely because I’d never eaten a bagel before (not that I recall at least).  While eating this bagel sandwich, which was OK, I kept thinking, “Man, I wish people would do sausage properly.” Then it hit me — since Einstein Bros is not only an expensive place, but somewhat of a niche place, they might not be using pork sausage.”

Eignstein Bros Turkey Sausage & Cheddar Egg Bagel

So, I checked the website and sure enough, it was turkey sausage. No wonder if was only just OK. However, that made me think that there was an outside chance that I was still good for the fast day.  Upon further investigation, I saw that Einstein Bros says this sandwich is 540 calories (give or take a few,mind you).  Seeing that, I just didn’t eat anything else for the day save for a very few Cool Ranch Doritos.

I still need to work on not giving into temptation, but thankfully, this time it didn’t harm me. ^_^;


5:2 Diet Anew – Week 07

I’m running late this week again, but I’m here now to report on how the week went on the 5:2 Diet. It was a bad week as I checked in at 341.2, a one pound gain.

What was the cause? A Red Velvet & Cheesecake from Schwan’s. *_*

red velvet cheesecakeA Schwan’s rep comes by Company B every couple of weeks or so. I remember seeing their trucks many years ago, and I guess I assumed they were an ice cream company since it was clear that these trucks had cold storage compartments.  I never really bothered checking into them back then, and until they came by last week, I hadn’t thought of them in years.

Regardless, the rep comes by and we get an early e-mail announcement from the receptionist, letting us know this will be happening in the afternoon and giving a link to their website. So for the heck of it, I clicked the link, looked around a bit, but when I saw this Red Velvet & Cheesecake thing, I just had to try it and it was good, though I prefer my red velvet cake and cheesecake to be separate. It went downhill from there, but fortunately the thing is gone now. Ugh.

I think my next report will be better. Sadly, sometimes it takes bad news (this time, learning my contract company lied to me about some things), so I’m shifting my financial focus to be a bit more cost conscious, thus no more spontaneous splurges like this.

5:2 Diet Anew – Week 06

Time for my weekly check-in on the weight loss progress with the 5:2 Diet. Not much to report this week as I only had a .8 pound drop from last week, my weight now being 340.2. This didn’t surprise me because last week was somewhat troublesome for me, and I just ended up eating more than I should on my non-fast days.

I really have to work on my weaknesses, namely getting nervous or worried about things I shouldn’t get nervous or worried about, more so because if I do believe in God like I claim, then everything will work out as it should.  Still, after the stressful, emergency HOA meeting on Monday, the highly negative attitude of some of my co-workers at my new job, and the insane rains causing flooding and such had me not thinking about what I was shoving into my pie-hole. ^_^;  Gotta stop that.

This week, I’ve just got to “man up” as it were, and do what needs to be done and not give into what this girl is doing in the image below.  Ah, cheeseburgers. ^_^;

[Happiness] SHIKIMORI Ibuki cheeseburger

5:2 Diet Anew – Week 05

I’m running behind on posting my update, but I did do my weekly weigh on Saturday as usual. The results were a disappointing 1 pound loss, meaning my weight for the week was 341 pounds.

I had figured for sure that I’d be at least 340 or less since I actually did the 5:2 Diet stuff properly last week. I’m not exactly sure where I may have gone wrong, but I do know that I was eating larger breakfast meals, likely too large calorie wise.   I’ve already begun to correct that this week, making sure to only have a smaller meal before heading out the door.

On the lower-calorie food trials, I decided to take a chance on a new Campbell’s Chunky Soup product, this time the Philly-Style Cheesesteak soup.  Clocking in at 300 calories a can (150 calories per serving), the soup is very creamy with bits of steak and potato. I laughed at the recommended “pour over a Kaiser roll” method for serving this product. I wouldn’t do this for any other soup, and I wasn’t going to do this for this one, the use of “cheesesteak” notwithstanding.

Campbell's Chunky Philly-Style Cheesesteak

So, how did it taste?

Not too bad. It does taste somewhat of cheese steak, but having potato in it throws things off. If you are craving a cheese steak sandwich, this won’t hit that craving. It will hit a craving for a creamy soup with steak and potatoes.

Here’s hoping for a better week come Saturday.

5:2 Diet Anew – Week 04

Week number 4 with the renewed attempt at the 5:2 Diet, so it is time to get on the old scales to see what horrors await me there. Shockingly, I actually lost weight, checking in at 342.0, a 2.2 pound drop. I say “shockingly” because although I’d planned to follow the 5:2 Diet plan this passed week, it didn’t work out that way. That’s because on my first fast day, Company B (where I work) had a going away party for the employees that were being let go due to the recent partnership Company B struck with Company C (the company I’m actually contracted to). Since it was barbeque, I decided I’d be bad and participate, but if I’d known it was going to be crap BBQ, I would have just stuck to the plan.

Then on my second fast day, I was OK until I got home. I had purchased a large, pre-made salad and planned to eat half of it, which would have been roughly 245 calories, including the dressing. Unfortunately, once I started, I didn’t stop, so I went well over the 600 calorie limit for the day. Having blown that, I had cheese and crackers to boot, but somehow, I refrained from really going El Nutso, limiting the damage to what I think was around 900 calories for the day.  Despite this, I was sure that I’d have gained weight for the week, but since I didn’t, I’m thankful to God for that. ^_^

Marketside Chef's Salad

This being my first week in a structured day mode, I’m still having to adjust to life on the “right side” of things. I can already see that there are temptations to eat too much when I get home from work, something I did have to contend with before on 12.5 hour nights, but now, with more off time at home after work, the temptation is even greater. I’ll really need to watch that, especially when I do my grocery shopping on the way home.

Otherwise, I’ll take the win here and hope for more success in weight loss with no failures on the 5:2 fast days.

5:2 Diet Anew – Week 03

*Heavy sigh*

Even without getting on the scales, I know I’m in for a failure because of what happened yesterday. Nevertheless, I’m officially checking in at 344.2, which I have to say shocked the heck out of me since I didn’t expect things to be that bad.

So, where did I go wrong?

I think part of the problem this past week has been the conversion from a night mode to a day mode. If you’ve never experienced jet lag, while it isn’t the end of the world or anything, it does jack you up a lot. I’d be in the middle of trying to do something productive and suddenly, I’m crashing because I am suddenly so tired. There’s two options at that point – fight it or take a nap.  Unfortunately, fighting it usually is futile because all of your time and energy are being spent trying to stay awake, usually without success. You aren’t being productive, so may as well take a nap, recover, and go on.

But, that does mess with eating patterns and the like.  At the moment, I’m pretty much past the jet lag problems, but I find that I’m still sleeping only 5-6 hours before waking up and being unable to fall back asleep for another couple of hours. ^_^;

The other killer was that I failed on my second fast for the 5:2 Diet, which was on Friday. Due to circumstances beyond my control, the several things I was supposed to do on Thursday had to get shifted to Friday.  As such, none of the grocery shopping I had planned got done on Thursday.  That left it to Friday.  Going to the Japanese grocery store was bad enough as I did my Friday errands. Once I’d finished my trek going all over the place, I made my last stop at the Super Walmart. By this time, I was famished, but I thought I’d be OK since I knew I’d eat a little something when I got home.

After putting everything away, I did eat one of my low calorie meals, but I was surprised to discover that after eating, I was still feeling famished. When I’ve been working the 12.5 hour shifts, I might still feel hungry after eating one of these tiny meals, but I’ve at least take the edge off. This time, the edge wasn’t removed and to make matters worse, I was home with ALL that food, including the gyudon (beef bowl) I had planned to take with me to work on Monday for lunch.

Ajinomoto GyudonI tried ignoring the feeling of being famished and attempted to study my Japanese, but alas, I had a hard time focusing. So, I put in a DVD to watch to try to distract me, but it didn’t work. After an hour, I thought that I’d just eat a little bit of salmon to try to take off the edge. It didn’t work. Thirty minutes after that, I had a little bit of beef jerky, frustrated because this would now put me close to my 600 calorie cap.  Again, my system was not letting go of this feeling of being famished.

Finally, I gave in and zapped the gyudon. Unfortunately, it went downhill from there, leaving me feeling quite depressed at my absolute failure.

Still, it is a new week and I can’t give up. I’ve had several weeks of failures, so I have to turn this around. Lord willing, I shall.

5:2 Diet Anew – Week 02

Whew. I’m somewhat behind since I’m still going though what is essentially jet lag as I prepare to start my new job with new hours of operation. Regardless, I did want to report in for last week, which was a disaster, thanks to WAY to much celebratory activities on my part. As such, I gained more weight, clocking in at 340 pounds. *_*  My second fast day was completely killed (my fault as I should have just stuck to my guns and not given into the temptations), which really made a bad situation worse.

Still, this is a new week, and with it comes a renewed desire to get back on the wagon and do the right thing.

Since I like to discuss foods during my 5:2 Diet entries, I thought I’d touch on one of the smaller splurges I did last week. I had recently learned that there was now an Orange Julius in town (it may have been there for a while, who knows), which was a childhood treat for me.  As I think back to those days, I remember when my mom, for whatever reason, decided to treat us to an Orange Julius from time to time.  Of course, every time we’d get taken to the mall, we’d always ask Mom to get us one, but she always kept it as a treat, meaning it was a once in a while thing. Thus, Orange Julius always has a special place in my mind because it was a treat.

Dairy Queen-Orange Julius

Fast forward to the present. I couldn’t say how many years it had been since I’d had an Orange Julius. I’m thinking it was probably twelve years ago.  As such, since I was in a celebratory mood, I decided that I’d get an Orange Julius sometime last week. I mentioned this to friends and family, all of whom said that the place wasn’t what it was and suggested I just make my own.  I don’t own a blender and I’m not buying one just to make my own version of Orange Julius, so I went anyway.

It may have been because my expectations were low, based on the comments I received, but I thought the Orange Julius I bought, though expensive, was pretty good. There was a slight separation issue as the sweetness seems to go to the bottom so that once you consume a certain amount of the icy beverage, the rest isn’t so sweet and certainly not so vanilla tasting, just more orange but not so sweet.

Still, I don’t regret making the purchase. It is a shame I didn’t limit my celebrations to just a single Orange Julius, otherwise I wouldn’t be in the mess I ended up in.