Quick Weight Loss Post

Just a quick weight loss post here since my entire weekend was completely tied up in other things. That being said, I did weigh in on Saturday, as usual, and the scales reported 323.6, which is exactly a two pound loss over last week. Clearly, a good week for me, and I continue the number of consecutive weeks with at least some weight loss. That’s an improvement for sure over how things were. ^_^

Next week, and indeed the rest of the month of December, are going to prove very tricky as I will be engaged in quite a number of activities that will challenge both the 5:2 Diet aspects of my weight loss scheme as well as the Carb Addicts Diet part. In fact, Saturday night already challenged that part, but I’ll have to talk about that next Saturday. Hopefully, it didn’t mess me up too badly, but I will say this — there was awesome, homemade Japanese food, sake, and some VERY delicious umeshu (plum wine).

Choya Umeshu
That is the brand (Choya) if you were wondering. It is a sweet wine, served best over ice. And yeah. those are fermented plums in the bottle. ^_^  As I said, VERY tasty stuff. ^_^

Anyway, we’ll see how next week goes.

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