2020 Weight Loss For 20200110

2020 Weight Loss For 20200110

2020 Weight Loss For 20200110

I’m behind, but I did my usual Friday weigh-in. The results had me at 308.0, a 0.8 pound weight loss. I had expected to lose more since I was really good last week, and didn’t go nuts on the carb meal day.


Having the weight start going back down is a positive. But I was certainly very disappointed at how little I lost. I really thought I’d lose at least 2 pounds based on how good I was. I remind myself now that this is bad thinking. Sometimes, you can do everything right and not lose weight. Sometimes, you can be very naughty and lose weight.

Still, my frustration lead to my being naughty Friday AND Saturday.

Carb Splurge Friday

For my Friday carb meal, I opted for my cheddar cheese spaghetti. When I made spaghetti on December 20, I froze the leftover (large) serving. So to make my cheddar cheese spaghetti, I defrost that, then put it in a frying pan. I add some water and a lot of shredded cheddar cheese.

Then later that afternoon, I tried some new, “all natural” movie butter popcorn, which tasted no different from other movie butter popcorn I’ve had.

Because I was up late streaming and stuff, I ended up also having some tuna-mac early in the morning rather than going to bed. 😑

Saturday Indulgence

I had planned to get back on the wagon on Saturday. But while I was out running errands, I encountered this bit of evil.

So I bought it. However, I really wanted to try this, so while I was “running” my vehicle to help the battery, I ended up going full-carb when I stopped at Wendy’s rather than my planned low-carb option. 😑 So naturally, I did that along with some nacho cheese. And then when that was done, I had to try this cheesecake filling.

The taste is good. The consistency is the creamy style of cheesecake. I didn’t get a pie crust, but this would work better with a pie crust, or maybe a graham cracker.

This Friday

I’m skipping my carb meal this Friday. I am having an event next week that will kill my diet next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. So may as well skip this Friday and have done.

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