The Great Meltage

Whew! Its been some seriously shocking weather these last two days in that 1) it’s been sunny and 2) its felt like spring with temperatures in the 50’s. As such, the snow has been melting like crazy, even in the shaded areas. The area of road in front of my apartment building may be clear for the first time since December by tomorrow, depending on the temperatures (supposedly in the upper 40’s). That’ll be a shock.

The “snow mountain” at the end of the row of garages next to my apartment building has dropped to below 5-feet for the first time. It looks pretty nasty though with all of the crud on top, making it look less like an icy pile of snow and more like…crud.

I can also see more grass than ever. The yard on the right side of my building now has less than six inches in the deepest places and on the left side, I’d say that things have dropped to about 10-inches in the deepest places. That’ll drop even further tomorrow and Thursday.

Friday sees snow return to the forecast, which has now gone up to 30% chance of the white stuff. But, I figure we’ll get another inch or two max (no accumulation predictions at this point), which will disappoint me. Still, snow is forecast all the way to Monday, which is weird. We’ll see how it goes.

Man, I wish I had a good digital camera to record this stuff.

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