Superbowl Commercials 2007

Was it me, or were the Super Bowl commercials rather weak this year.

Bud Light Faceoff — one beer left and the two guys do Rock-Paper-Scissors for it. Har! Har

Doritos: Crash — I’ve got my spicy Duritos in my car, I see hot chick, I have accident, she has accident. Oh yeah, that was clever.

Blockbuster: Mouse — The rabbit and hamster in the pet store use the mouse because they think they’ll get online. No, not doing it for me.

Sierra Mist: Combover — Weird. I thought the beard combover would make me laugh, but it didn’t. Maybe I’m getting older. Sales Guy — Guy with hot car has everyone wanting to be him. Annoying (and I would have forgotten it had it not been on a website).

Sierra Mist: Karate — The guy in the karate class tries to get his students to say what they’d do if somone stole their Sierra Mist. I’d say, “Merry Christmas.”

Toyota Tundra — Truck races down track to get past closing track barrier, but has to stop before going off cliff. I’m still not buying this truck.

FedEx: Moon Office — The business on the mood shows staff dealing with low gravity and how FedEx will get their shipments to earth. Kinda clever I suppose (made me think about how a studio could do a live-action TV series from the anime Planetes).

Bud Light: Wedding — Auctioneer does the wedding so all the guys can get the bud light faster. Ho!ho!ho! I didn’t laugh.

Snickers: Mechanic — Two male mechanics end up doing each end of a snickers bar at the same time until they kiss, forcing themselves to be “manly.” I thought, “In Japan, couple do this with Pocky sticks to see if they can kiss before the stick breaks.” Seeing two men kiss was pretty nasty.

Schick Quattro — shortened version of OLD commercial.

Chevrolet: Singers — Various folks (singers and I guess race car people) sing different songs with Chevy cars. Whatever.

Bud Light: Classroom — Class on how to get a bud light. Dumb. — The market department has the so-called hot chicks and party atmosphere. Ugh! I wanted to vomit, but I did laugh because this got aired lots.

Coke: Love — The “Grand Theft Auto” spoof commercial. I’ll give Coke points for a bit of cleverness there, though I never liked the idea of that game.

Budweiser: Dalmation — Unwanted dog passes himself off as a dalmatian when he gets mud splashed on him, making him wanted by all. Whatever.

Garmin: Map Monster — Map becomes giant monster that destroys things while driver becomes Japanese-esque super hero. Clever take on the Japanese tokusatsu genre of shows and films.

Careerbuilder: Jungle — Office jungle has people on the run to try to escape being captured for a training seminar. I didn’t laugh, but it was kinda clever I guess.

Doritos: Cashier — Somewhat overweight female cashier gets excited when male customer buys all these different Doritos flavors. Not funny.

Chevrolet: Car Wash — A lot of average and below average guys take off their clothing to wash a Chevy vehicle driven by some women. Not funny.

Bud Light: Slap — No more fist bump when you do something good, its all about slapping folks. I’m sure there were folks that found this funny (’cause I’ve found similar things kinda humorous in the past), but I didn’t laugh.

AHA: Heart — Guy in heart costume is attacked by villains in black with labels showing various diseases that can harm your heart. Clever way of getting people’s attention about heart health.

GMC: Robot — Robot on the assembly line is let go from its job and commits suicide, only to wake up from a dream. Whatever.

Coke: Black History — History of coke bottle over the years until it comes to black history. Gotta love political correctness. When are we going to have Japanese History Month?

Sprint Brouadband — A business guy is depressed about his inadequate broadband speed for his laptop in this parody for erectile dysfunction commercials. You know Sprint, the commercial you took from that old western with they guy slapping the crap out of the villain was funny (See? I said I did get a kick out of slapping before.)

Frito Lay: Fans — Black fans everywhere watching the game, because segregation is cool if you aren’t white.

E-Trade: Robbery — A bank manager and its employees wear animal mask and rob the customers. OK, that was clever, but it didn’t make me laugh.

Coke: Assembly Line — Shows what “really” happens inside a vending machine when you buys a Coke in this animated bit. Clever, cute, and I thought, “That had to cost a lot to make.” Everyone is on the 3-D animation kick these days though.

Bud Light: Gorillas — An older gorilla coaches a young gorilla on scoring bud light from the delivery guy who’s passing by, but he’s distracted by an attractive woman. Should be funny, but I didn’t laugh.

Revlon: Sheryl Crow — Revlon gets the has-been singer to use their hair color product.

On the whole, the commercials were mostly weak and forgettable. Whatever.

Careerbuilder: Battle — People wearing armor made of office equipment battle for a promotion. Clever I suppose, but I didn’t laugh.

Taco Bell: Lions — Two male lions observe humans eating Taco Bell and discuss who to say things like Ricardo Montalban, who then does the voice over. Clever and seeing two lions appear to actually converse made me smile for some reason.

Van Heusen: Wardrobe — Commercial runs backward to show the guy eventually choosing his Van Heusen clothing. Whatever.

Toyota: Tundra Ramp — Truck goes up steep ramp. Still not interested in your truck.

Emerald Nuts: Office — Robert Goulet drops into an office where everyone is sleeping to make a mess of things. The only one not sleeping is the dude eating Emerald Nuts. Well, kinda amusing I guess, but not really that good.

T-Mobile: My Faves — Current basketball star Dwyane Wade sits with ex-basketball star Charles Barkley, who thinks himself rather highly in the fame charts, until their waitress comes by and is excited to see Dwyane and thinks Charles is his dad. Clever and certainly my dad’s favorite of the lot.

FedEx: Ground — Ground shipping is fast ’cause you can’t judge things by their name — then we see people like “Harry” who’s really hairy and the like. Clever wannabe.

Nationwide: K-Fed — Kevin Federline (wannabe white rapper and Britney Spears ex) raps in a video, then finds himself working a fast food burger joint having to serve up fries. OK, I think this was my favorite of the lot. Kevin is a punk, but I give him credit for poking fun at himself.

Bud Light: Hitchhiker — Couple on the road at night when they see a scary looking guy with a large axe but also bud light. Man wants to pick the guy up over his female companion’s protests. Of all the beer commercials, this parody of stupid horror movies came in tops for me.

Budweiser: Crabs — Crabs steal Budweiser ice chest and worship it when it looks like a giant crab. Bah!

Prudential: Retirement — Time to retire. Yeah, that will happen before I know it.

Honda: CR-V — Updated Elvis song plays while car is shown. Not interested.

HP: Choppers — The owner of Orange County Choppers (who’s in that reality TV show with his sons) speaks the coolness of the HP computer. Visually nice.

IZOD: Vacation — In the (melting) artic, a couple does vacation things in the ice and snow, as the land turns to tropical and ends with them observing the whole thing via a crystal ball back in the ice lands.

Budweiser: Strategy — Coach Don Shula goes against rapper Jay-Z playing a futuristic football game with 3-D computer sprite players on the field. Nice visuals, but Jay-Z annoys me, more so with how he “won” the game.

E-Trader: One Finger — Things you can do with a single finger. Clever.

Careerbuilder: Interview — Back to the jungle, a guy coming for an interview sees the horrors of jungle office life. Not so much.

This year, I thought the commercials weren’t all that great. I’d have forgotten most had it not been for looking them up on the Internet.

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