Snow Event #8

When I got up this morning, the snow was lightly falling and they were saying 1-3″ of accumulations before the day ended. I went to my exercise class and the light, dry snow was falling, but at less than 1/4″ an hour rate. I was hoping for 3-inches for sure. When I got home roughly an hour and a half later, about 1/4″ had fallen. I checked Weather Bug and saw they’d updates their forcast to 2-4″ of snow for today. YES! Come on you 4!

When I got up a little after 4pm, I looked out and saw it hadn’t snowed 4-inches. Oh well. Looks like we got an inch this round, with some frigid temperatures. Global Warming is a joke in Colorado for the most part this winter.

Looks like #9 may come Thursday night. As usual, I’m hoping for a lot of snow. ^_^

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