Making Progress

Whew! In a couple of weeks, my medical bills will finally drop below $10,000. Thank you, Lord! Man, I really am thankful to God that 1) I’m OK (well, as best as our current medical science can tell ^_~ ) and 2) that God has given me a job that helps me to make progress on these medical bills. Also, I am thankful that I don’t have to keep returning for follow-up visits to the doctor(s).

As for the progress on my nose (for details of what started all this, see this blog entry), the dry Colorado air makes the right nostril a bit painful at times. I need to irrigate my nose more than I do, but being the smeg head I am, I don’t always do what I should do (if I did, I wouldn’t have a weight problem). That does help with the dryness, but I have to do it at least a couple of hours before bed. Why? Because that gives my nose enough time to drain out all the water that the irrigation puts up there. You’d be surprised at how much water gets stuck up one’s nose. ^_^;;;

Whenever one of these snow systems come through, my sinuses still swell up a bit and give me grief. To me, that’s worse than the dry nose because with the dry nose, I can use saline solution to help things a bit. With swollen sinuses, the only thing that really helps is those nasal sprays you shouldn’t use because of the rebound effect.

Breathing-wise, my nose is better now than it was before surgery, but in the time since the surgery, it has degraded quite a bit. That was a disappointment as was the need for me to constantly irrigate my nose. But, I’m not going to complain. ^_^

Thanks again to everyone who said prayers for me, for those who helped me when I wasn’t making so much money (the donators and those who bought stuff I sold on eBay), and for those who offered their best wishes during those tough times. Also, a special thanks to my brother Brian who spent a couple of nights with me after my surgery. I really appreciated that, dude!

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