Six Weeks and Counting

Bwah! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

I look out my window and see it is snowing again for the sixth week in a row. As such, the little boy within me is squealing like a pig in the muck. ^_^

You know, last winter was pretty light for me up in Longmont. Oh, we got a little bit of snow to be sure, but for the most part, I remember it being dry and not nearly as cold save for our standard dual arctic blasts that happen early to mid-winter. So it has been interesting to see a winter that took things to the other extreme — lots of cold and lots of snow.

Come to think of it, in the nearly 15-years I’ve lived in Colorado (has it been that long already?), I don’t remember ever getting this much snow. Seriously, our first snow (the big blizzard of 2006) dumped three feet on us in Longmont. The blizzard in 1997 when I lived in Colorado Springs dumped nearly three feet on us with drifts higher.

Having survived the 3-feet, I was surprised when the weather folks started saying we’d get more snow the following week. As the time approached, we were going to get another massive hit it seemed. Certainly, it started out that way as we got a foot of snow at my place, this on top of the mounds of snow that were still there from the previous event. However, I was hoping for another three feet and was very disappointed when things happened that the weathermen hadn’t anticipated, causing the snow flow to get cut off from us and hang out way east and south of us.

The following three weeks saw us get varying rates of snow from a couple of inches last week to about six inches. Needless to say, some residential roads have been troublesome to navigate. Indeed, after the 2nd snow and before the third one hit, my apartment complex management hired a big front-end loader to try to clear the streets better as the melting-freezing cycle had caused them to be an icy mess (and when the sun is up, the snow starts melting in the upper-20’s, believe it or not). So while the roads have yet to be 100% clear of snow and ice, they are at least more level because of those efforts.

Over the last three days, the forecast for snow has gone from a few flurries to now six inches. Despite the driving problems this causes (and the walking problems in places once the melt/re-freeze cycle starts), I am pretty excited and would love it if somehow we got a foot or more. That said, I do pray for those who have to be out in snow.

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  1. ` Man, I know what you mean – I used to live in Ohio where the term ‘Lake Effect’ struck terror into my heart!
    ` Now I live near Seattle, which doesn’t have as much snow and rain as Ohio, though it really does seem rather bad now that I’ve come back from my cruise….
    ` Here’s to a non-stifling summer!

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