For fun, I thought I’d cruise some of BlogSpot’s blogs and see what the smeg was out there. Certainly there are an amazing number of people blogging, all with stuff to say. Some was interesting and some not (as you might expect).

Still, when it comes down to the sheer number of blogs, its amazing that many of them get read at all. My anime/manga blog is going to generate traffic because there is a sizable number of folks interested in anime/manga, and based on traffic patters, specific titles I’ve talked about.

But this blog where I just ramble about this and that is just one spec in an ocean of blogs where others are talking and saying this and that. In some ways, its pretty arrogant of me to even think that folks might be even remotely interested in anything I have to say. ^_^;;;

On the other hand, it is pretty fun to blab (and Lord knows I’m good at running my flapper, so sending that flap down to my fingers, onto the keyboard, and into the blog is no difficult chore) whether anyone reads this thing or not.

Having said that, I have now made a post about nothing where initially I thought I would have something brilliant to say, but in the end didn’t really say anything, did I? *lol*

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