Golden Corral Experience

This past Wednesday evening, I got to try the Golden Corral @ 1970 WAYNOKA ROAD in Colorado Springs, CO. As such, I thought I’d give them a review and maybe tweak my younger brother at the same time. ^_~

The Golden Corral is an all you can eat buffet restaurant. Unlike some I’ve seen, this establishment is fairly large. After passing through the line “barricades” (for lack of a better term), one reaches a cashier at a cash register. In addition to wanting to now how many people you are paying for, the cashier wants to know what you want to drink. That’s because Golden Corral has a beverage service, so a waitress will be by frequently not only to clear away your used plates, but to refill you glass.

Currently, Golden Corral uses Coke products and even has Mellow Yellow. However, I am told that they will convert to Pepsi come this March (2007). They also have lemonade, sweet and unsweetened tea, coffee, water (of course) and more. Had I thought about it, I would have noted all of the drinks they have. Maybe I’ll get my brother to make a response to state them all.

After leaving the cash register, immediately in front of us was a station where steaks were being grilled up. I certainly didn’t expect that, making it a nice surprise. On either side of the grill, there were lots of other hot foods that you’d expect to find (and some you might not expect) such as chicken, fried catfish, fried okra, mashed potatoes, mac-and-cheese, rice, green beans, and tons more items to numerous to name. The staff worked hard to keep items filled, so rarely were things out.

To the right was another station which was for the salad bar. It was loaded with many of the normal items you expect there — lettuce (2-types), tomato, cheese, egg, ham, cottage cheese, and just tons more items. There were no salad bowls initially, but the manager quickly rectified the situation. The items on the salad bar all looked very fresh. Indeed, in the employee area behind the salad bar, there were a wide variety of items looking like a supermarket produce section containing many fruits and vegetables. I’d never seen the like before.

To the left was the desert station. Talk about evil, there were so many deserts ranging from cookies, cakes, pies (including chocolate cheese pie), banana pudding, soft serve ice cream, and lots of candies like candy corns or other items one might put on their ice cream (I suppose). Simply amazing.

In the end, I had a large salad, some chicken tenders, some salmon, some steak, some catfish, mashed potatoes with chicken gravy, mac-and-cheese, & green beans before I ran out of room. At our table were (where we had a large group), we had two baskets of fresh, large rolls which were just awesome. Add the honey butter that was also plentiful at the table and MAN! *drool* For desert, I was only going to get banana pudding, but in the end I got fudge, & chocolate cheese pie.

The service was pretty good, but since my brother is a manager there, I would expect some sucking up. ^_~

Anyway, if you ever are in Colorado Springs, I can say that this Golden Corral is one to visit should you be in the mood for a buffet-styled restaurant.

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