2019 Weight Loss For 20191115

2019 Weight Loss For 20191115

2019 Weight Loss For 20191115

Time for my weekly weigh-in report. Today, I weighed in at 309.2 pounds. So that’s a surprising drop of 1.6 pounds. I’m kinda surprised it went down at all since I had a carb meal Tuesday night.

More Oddities of Weight Loss

Because I knew I would have a carb meal late Tuesday, I expected to have no weight loss at best. I had an overpriced steak and fries meal, which was fine, but not worth $30 I spent. But this is how upscale restaurants are.

Steak and fries

Since I was already expecting to not lose weight this week, when we went to the late night movie at the theater, I scored a giant tub of popcorn. And yet sometimes, even doing something that would seemingly sabotage weight loss, didn’t do that. But there are other times when I think I’ve been pretty good, yet fail to lose weight.

Carb Splurge

Originally, I wasn’t going to do a carb splurge meal on Friday. But then, I didn’t expect to lose weight. Since I did, I decided I’d make a quick run to Wendy’s for a proper cheeseburger and fries meal with a side of spicy nuggets and a chocolate chip cookie. But I have no other plans to spurge the rest of the day or week.

No Carbs Next Friday

Although I changed my plans to have a carb meal today, next Friday, I still plan to forgo my normal Friday carb meal. That’s because the following Wednesday, Thursday (Thanksgiving), and Friday will see me consuming carb meals. So I still want to counter that. I won’t be able to weigh in on Friday, but I’ll check Wednesday and then Saturday.

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