2019 Weight Loss For 20190816

2019 Weight Loss For 20190816

2019 Weight Loss For 20190816

I had a full week of weight loss efforts after a single carb splurge meal last Friday. As a result, today’s official weigh-in had me clock in at 317.4 pounds. This means a 2.6 pound loss for the week. Not as good as I’d hoped, but it is what it is. As my trainer told me today, “It is easier to gain weight than lose it.”

A New Week

I love Friday’s, mainly because of the carb meal splurge. I fancied a cheeseburger, so I opted for Culvers since I hadn’t been there in a while.

Culvers Triple Bacon Delux

I also sampled Lays Wavy Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno chips. Those turned out to be better than I expected.

I haven’t decided if I’ll do a carb meal tomorrow or not. I’m kinda leaning toward it. I may get a sub sandwich to go with the chips. But I may make another tuna casserole. Either way, it is back to the low-carb diet plan. Outside of my standard hamburger patties and salad option, and boiled pork (carnitas cut) salad, I need to figure out another thing to eat. I’m thinking baked chicken breasts since I haven’t had those in a while.

Here’s hoping that I’m at ~315 next Friday.

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