2019 Weight Loss For 20190712 (Low-carb at Chipotle)

2019 Weight Loss For 20190712 (Low-carb at Chipotle)

2019 Weight Loss For 20190712

Thanks to working night and day of late, I’m super behind on doing things like this blog. Nevertheless, here’s an update. On Friday, I clocked in at 316.2, which is a 0.8 pound loss. I was hoping for the full pound, but as my doctor and trainer would remind me, it is the trend that’s more important. And the trend is in a good direction.

Low-carb At Chipotle

This week’s Friday carb splurge meal was getting a carnitas burrito at Chipotle, along with a bag of tortilla chips. I had some jalapeno cheese dip that I was craving, so I figured I may as well have a burrito too.

That said, I wanted to discuss eating at Chipotle when on a low-carb diet. Actually, it is an easy thing to do, whether you are eating in the restaurant or getting it to go. You have to order a burrito bowl, which eliminates the giant tortilla. And then you have to skip the rice and beans.

When I tried this a couple of weeks ago, I got a carnitas bowl. Because a low-carb diet means no rice and beans, I opted to get extra carnitas meat. (They charge extra for this, but it is worth it in my opinion.) I added fresh tomato salsa (adds a small amount of carbs), tomatillo-red chili salsa (tiny amount of carbs, but I like the heat), sour cream, cheese, and lettuce. Here’s what it looked like.

Chipotle Low-Carb Carnitas BowlI was worried that I might not feel full. When I get a full-on burrito, I always get chips too and that does fill me quite well. But, even without tortilla, chips, rice, and beans, I felt full afterward. And I had this on the week I lost nearly three pounds, so that let me know this is a pretty good low-carb option.

The Current Week and Beyond

When I work odd hours, it really throws my system into a loop. I tend to eat more when I’m working days and nights and not getting much sleep. Even when I try not to, I find I’m still eating something during the night or morning while working. It may not be more than a snack, but I’m killing the timed eating portion of my diet scheme.

This weekend, I have a reunion with comrades from Japan, some I haven’t seen in 30 years. πŸ˜… So while I don’t plan to go nuts, this too will throw me off. So I am expecting the next two weeks to be either no weight loss, or even a bit of weight gain. But we’ll see.

The main thing is that after this weekend, get back on the wagon. But then, I have a birthday coming up so…πŸ˜…

Well, its the trend, so after this hump, it is full steam ahead!

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