Weight Loss Milestone Reached

It has taken entirely too long since I first mentioned my first weight loss milestone, but I’m happy to report that I’ve finally reached it. I checked in this morning at 330.0 pounds, a 1.6 pound loss from last week.

I really had hoped to break the 330 pound barrier, but that didn’t happen.  I think I had two causes for this. First, I made my version of Chicken à la King last week. That in and of itself isn’t a problem, but after making the meal and enjoying some, I divided the rest out for lunches for three day to take to work. I filled three of those Pyrex 6-cup rectangle containers (which are awesome for reheating things), but I figured out after having the first one on Monday that I had overfilled them. ^_^; However, I went ahead and ate all that was there for all three non-fast work days for the 5:2 Diet part of my week. I’m sure the calorie count was way high.

The other element that might have helped nail me was Friday, which was a fast day.  That morning, my contract company brought in Einstein Bros breakfast bagels for myself and those my boss manages. I was prepared for this, so I brought in one of those Pyrex 6-cup rectangle containers to toss my Einstein Bros Bacon & Cheddar Egg Bagel into my lunch cooler. I figure I’ll have that on Monday (not sure how a bagel will reheat, but I guess I’m going to find out).

Einstein Bros Bacon & Cheddar Egg Bagel

At lunch, Company C, who pays my contract company for me to work at Company B’s site, told its former Company B employees that they were getting a free lunch to celebrate something the company did. I wasn’t invited, but Old Salty came by my cubical and basically told me to get off my arse and get some food, my contractor status not withstanding. I was worried that if I went, someone else wouldn’t get food, plus I had to count calories for my fast day. As it turns out, I was allowed to attend, and even if I wasn’t, there was way more food than the limited number of Company C employees took.

Anyway, the gist of things is that the lunch was a large sandwich (roughly a four inch long sandwich), salad, and desert. I took the smallest sandwich I could find, and a pumpkin cheesecake piece.  The cheesecake I put into a plastic bag in my cooler, but there was no room in my cooler for the sandwich. So I ate it instead of what I brought in. I’ve no clue how many calories were in it, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was in the 500 range. ^_^; Since I’d already had a couple of boiled eggs for breakfast at 180 calories, that would blow the 600 calorie cap.

Still, the Carb Addicts Diet part of my weight loss scheme is proving to be a good choice as far as I’m concerned. The fast days are not nearly as tough. Although I did overeat on my carb meals, that was more from my decision to go ahead and eat everything in what turned out to be overpacked containers. I notice that on my post-fast days, I don’t feel famished with a desperate need to eat a ton. Instead, I eat a normal breakfast (a couple of eggs and a serving of sausage) ad I’m fine, which helps cut back on calories.

Assuming I drop below 330 pounds next week, I’ll speak about my further weight loss milestones at that time.

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