5:2 Diet Anew – Week 07

I’m running late this week again, but I’m here now to report on how the week went on the 5:2 Diet. It was a bad week as I checked in at 341.2, a one pound gain.

What was the cause? A Red Velvet & Cheesecake from Schwan’s. *_*

red velvet cheesecakeA Schwan’s rep comes by Company B every couple of weeks or so. I remember seeing their trucks many years ago, and I guess I assumed they were an ice cream company since it was clear that these trucks had cold storage compartments.  I never really bothered checking into them back then, and until they came by last week, I hadn’t thought of them in years.

Regardless, the rep comes by and we get an early e-mail announcement from the receptionist, letting us know this will be happening in the afternoon and giving a link to their website. So for the heck of it, I clicked the link, looked around a bit, but when I saw this Red Velvet & Cheesecake thing, I just had to try it and it was good, though I prefer my red velvet cake and cheesecake to be separate. It went downhill from there, but fortunately the thing is gone now. Ugh.

I think my next report will be better. Sadly, sometimes it takes bad news (this time, learning my contract company lied to me about some things), so I’m shifting my financial focus to be a bit more cost conscious, thus no more spontaneous splurges like this.

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