5:2 Diet Anew – Week 06

Time for my weekly check-in on the weight loss progress with the 5:2 Diet. Not much to report this week as I only had a .8 pound drop from last week, my weight now being 340.2. This didn’t surprise me because last week was somewhat troublesome for me, and I just ended up eating more than I should on my non-fast days.

I really have to work on my weaknesses, namely getting nervous or worried about things I shouldn’t get nervous or worried about, more so because if I do believe in God like I claim, then everything will work out as it should.  Still, after the stressful, emergency HOA meeting on Monday, the highly negative attitude of some of my co-workers at my new job, and the insane rains causing flooding and such had me not thinking about what I was shoving into my pie-hole. ^_^;  Gotta stop that.

This week, I’ve just got to “man up” as it were, and do what needs to be done and not give into what this girl is doing in the image below.  Ah, cheeseburgers. ^_^;

[Happiness] SHIKIMORI Ibuki cheeseburger

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