5:2 Diet Anew – Week 04

Week number 4 with the renewed attempt at the 5:2 Diet, so it is time to get on the old scales to see what horrors await me there. Shockingly, I actually lost weight, checking in at 342.0, a 2.2 pound drop. I say “shockingly” because although I’d planned to follow the 5:2 Diet plan this passed week, it didn’t work out that way. That’s because on my first fast day, Company B (where I work) had a going away party for the employees that were being let go due to the recent partnership Company B struck with Company C (the company I’m actually contracted to). Since it was barbeque, I decided I’d be bad and participate, but if I’d known it was going to be crap BBQ, I would have just stuck to the plan.

Then on my second fast day, I was OK until I got home. I had purchased a large, pre-made salad and planned to eat half of it, which would have been roughly 245 calories, including the dressing. Unfortunately, once I started, I didn’t stop, so I went well over the 600 calorie limit for the day. Having blown that, I had cheese and crackers to boot, but somehow, I refrained from really going El Nutso, limiting the damage to what I think was around 900 calories for the day.  Despite this, I was sure that I’d have gained weight for the week, but since I didn’t, I’m thankful to God for that. ^_^

Marketside Chef's Salad

This being my first week in a structured day mode, I’m still having to adjust to life on the “right side” of things. I can already see that there are temptations to eat too much when I get home from work, something I did have to contend with before on 12.5 hour nights, but now, with more off time at home after work, the temptation is even greater. I’ll really need to watch that, especially when I do my grocery shopping on the way home.

Otherwise, I’ll take the win here and hope for more success in weight loss with no failures on the 5:2 fast days.

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  1. Now hold on just a minute. You took a job opening as a contractor that was created though letting existing employees go, and you even went to their going away party? I thought you hated these kinds of corporate tricks.

    1. Um, that wasn’t how things went. The job I took was because the person that had been converted from Company B to Company C got a job somewhere else. He figured that in two years, no one will have a job here, thus it was time for him to leave. The people who were let go did not apply for this job, not that they would since the jobs eliminated had nothing to do with what I did (they weren’t IT/IS related), thus they had no skills to do the job I am now doing.

      Oddly enough, the attitude of the folks being let go was fairly positive, but then again, they all got very nice packages on their way out. That does help improve the mood.

  2. Then it’s all good. Sorry I jumped into conclusions, but you sort of made it sound like I said when I first read your post.

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