5:2 Diet, Take 2 – Week 7

It was a bad week for yours truly as I gained 1.6 pounds, putting me back to 343.6. *_*

I find that with this post, I’m having a hard time writing. After the dreadful week I had at work over the last seven days, working a ton of overtime (which will help the bank account, so I’m not complaining), I just feel beat up. Monday was the worst, and that was what killed me for the week as far as my weight goes. I came home and just said, “to heck with it” and scarfed. Doom on me.  I have to not give into that, no matter what the provocation.

So, I pick up the pieces and move on, doing my usual Wednesday and Friday fasts. Here’s hoping for a better week.

[FMA]Edward looks out window

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