5:2 Diet, Take 2 – Week 8

So, here we are on the 8th week of my second try at the 5:2 diet, and it is time for my weekly weigh in. I’m happy to report that I checked in at 341.4, which is a 2.2 pound loss from last Wednesday.

I wasn’t sure how things would go this week as there were some changes to my normal routine. For starters, I ended up not eating at all during my work hours on Wednesday and Friday.  I did eat something once I got home on both days so that I could take aspirin for some sore shoulders.

I also had a weekend excursion which required me to flip my schedule. I was concerned that this might cause some negative effects, but it appears not to have done.

On the new diet foods front, I tried Hormel Compleats Balanced Selections Steak Tips & Mashed Potatoes, which Super Walmart had on sale along with all of there other Hormel Compleats line. It wasn’t bad, but not really my thing. The mushroom gravy wasn’t the best.  However, it only has 220 calories per meal. Unfortunately, when I went to Hormel’s site, it isn’t listed there.  It is quite possible that it is a discontinued product.

Hormel Compleats Balanced Selections Steak Tips and Mashed Potatoes

One other new change to report. Of my immediate circle of comrades and friends, three decided they could stand to lose roughly twenty pounds (Hereby known as Mr. B, Junk Food Vegetarian, and Camel Jockey 2). I agreed to try to lose forty for their twenty, so we now have money on the line. This actually started last week, where I and CJ2 had to put in $5 for missing our goals (2 pounds a week for me; 1 pound a week for them). This week, only JFV had to deposit the money, which she predicted would happen. Mr. B is the only one humming along with weight loss. He tends to “graze” when he eats, so for all I know, that is helping him.

Anyway, here’s hoping for another good (or better) week. ^_^

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