5:2 Diet, Take 2 – Week 5

So, Wednesday is here again, meaning it is time for the reckoning. I’m happy to report that I clocked in at 242.6, which is a 1.6 pound drop.

One thing I did differently last week happened on Friday. For whatever odd reason, although I was hungry, I didn’t feel like eating. That’s a first for me, and even my crew at work took note of this, marveling that I’d not eaten anything.  They all concluded that they couldn’t do that.  I still don’t know why this happened, but I thought I’d remark on it just the same. We’ll see if I am the same this week or not when it comes to my fast days.

I did finally break down and score a Boston Creme Pie, as I mentioned last week. *_* Well, I’m blaming Karmita for this since she suggested it. Yeah, that’s the ticket.  Fortunately, I had comrades to save me from too much of this delicious evil.

On the food experiment front, I tried Hormel’s Compleates Chicken Breast & Mashed Potatoes, which checks in at 210 calories. That surprised me since there seems to be more food in this than in the normal freezer stuff I buy (Hormel’s stuff is sold in the boxed foods aisle). It was a little salty for my tastes, but it was more filling, adding to the perception that there’s more food. I know there were more mashed potatoes and gravy than any of the other meals I’ve purchased have contained.

Hormel Compleats Chicken Breast & Mashed Potatoes

Bottom line there is that I’ll be getting more of these.  I want to try the Chicken and Dumpling one next.

Thursday, one of the guys is bringing in Philly Cheese Steaks for us from that awesome place near his house. I’m looking forward to that. ^_^

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