5:2 Diet – Day 38

So, Thursday was a feast day, but it may as well have been a glutinous day. ^_^; I had to work 14 hours Thursday, so I decided to eat some tuna casserole I had in the freezer before taking off, since I didn’t think I’d survive those first couple of hours without eating after a fast day. (Normally, after a fast day, I eat right after coming into work, usually picking up something on the way. Thursday, I was unable to do that since I had to come in really early.)  For lunch, I had the other half of my Mexican meal from a week ago Thursday. That turned out to be more than I expected, but that’s a good thing since it does mean that my stomach is shrinking, thus I need to start remembering to take this into consideration.

The gluttony aspects came from one of my co-workers heading out and picking up a Marie Callender’s Lemon Meringue Pie (the team saves these group events for my feast days). For a frozen, store bought pie, this thing was just incredible. It quite literally tasted like “more”, so naturally, I had to oblige. Couldn’t let it go to waste. *lol* Of course, there’s a price to be paid for polishing off so much pie. The net result of this payment actually saw me lose down to 343.8 (assuming the scales weren’t off). ^_^; Wow. With today being a fast day, I’m curious to see what I weigh when I get up Saturday.

Marie Callender's Lemon Meringue Pie

Anyway, for today’s fast meals, item #1 was a Jimmy Dean Delights Turkey Sausage Muffin (250 calories). Again, no Sausage Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s, but still pretty good for what it is.


For dinner, I had the Lean Cuisine Swedish Meatballs w/ Pasta (290 calories). I’ve had that before, and it is quite good.

Lean Cuisine Swedish Meatballs

For those wondering, I haven’t been doing the carrots lately. That’s because I keep forgetting to bring them in. ^_^;

I’m REALLY hoping that next Wednesday sees me in the 243 range, but any weight loss is a win, right? ^_^

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