5:2 Diet — Day 3

I was curious to see how things would be after my awesome feast day on Thursday, so I hopped on the scale. I was surprised to see I’d dropped another pound, this despite eating before going to bed. Of course, the ultimate test will be how I weigh come Wednesday.

Friday was a fast day, and though I could do 600 calories, I did 500.  I skipped breakfast and didn’t feel the need to eat until I’d been at work for 4.5 hours. For lunch, I did the Lean Cuisine Salisbury steak with macaroni & cheese (260 calories).

For dinner, I ate the Lean Cuisine baked chicken (240 calories).

So far, I’ve been very impressed with Lean Cuisine’s food line as far as taste. I’ll be sampling some of the Smart One’s meals during my next four feast days, though the first one I had wasn’t too good.

As an aside, I think I’m going to try some very evil looking Lay’s Chicken & Waffle chips as well as some Lay’s Cheesy Garlic Bread chips. They sound tasty.

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