5:2 Diet – Day 17

I have a confession to make. Yours truly was a VERY naughty boy when I came home Friday. As I had mentioned yesterday, I thought I might have something to eat when I got home, one choice being a Little Debbie Fancy Cake package. Well, that was the option I chose, which was bad enough. The truly wicked part came from me scarfing down the remaining THREE packets in the box. ^_^;;; Sheeze. That made me jump back to 344.6, which is still less than what I weighed on Wednesday, but not good as far as I’m concerned. Well, the box is gone, so…

Friday was the old fast day.  I did a small modification to how I ate and it seemed to work really well. After I got up, I had three baby carrots (raw; plain) as I packed my lunch cooler. For lunch, I had the Lean Cuisine Fiesta Grilled Chicken (260 calories), which I had first tried on day 1.

Then, throughout my 12-hour shift, I would occasionally (every 1.5 to 2 hours) have 2-3 raw carrots.  This was the modification to the diet. The combined total calories of the carrots was probably less than 35 calories, but I’ll go with 35 just to be safe.

For dinner, I again had something I’d previously enjoyed – Lean Cuisine Salisbury Steak with Macaroni & Cheese (260 calories).

So, by my count, that was 555 total calories today. The carrots really did help me get through the shift. Further, they appeared to help with the mild indigestion I’ve been getting on fast days.  As such, I think I’ll have those on all fast days.

Tomorrow is a feast day, and our team has voted to have Lark Burgers, which have hamburger patties that are just incredibly flavored.  I’m thinking they must marinade the ground beef. Regardless, one of our team will be making the run, and I’m really looking forward to it. ^_^

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