5:2 Diet – Day 10

Whew. I am beat down. I can’t wait to get home and get some sleep. This crud that has hit our work center hard has several of us just not up to specs. ^_^;

Still, despite this, I continued the 5:2 plan, meaning today was a fast day. I had a small slice of cheddar cheese with a couple of Triscuit Dill, Sea Salt & Olive Oil crackers in order to take my drugs.

For lunch, I had the Lean Cuisine Classic Macaroni & Beef.  I always liked this meal at school when I was a kid and I found that even as an adult, I still like it.  Heck, I’m stunned I don’t make it myself. ^_^;

Lean Cuisine Clasic Macaroni and Beef

For dinner, I was a bit more experimental.  Still staying in the Lean Cuisine camp, I ate the Glazed Chicken meal. It tasted fine, more so since I was actually hungry, but it really isn’t my cup of tea, so I don’t think I’ll get this one again.

Lean Cuisine Glazed Chicken

Man, there are still way too many hours until I can crash and burn. Hopefully, the weather will be more conducive to sleep than it was yesterday.

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    1. Yo! It has been a while, sir! Glad to see you are still around. ^_^ Hopefully, you got to check out the new FAQ site.

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