Trying the 5:2 Diet (Day 1)

Ever since I got out of the military, I’ve been on a steady, upward climb when it comes to my weight. What can I say except that I love to eat? ^_^ Although I’m in excellent health, I decided I’d see if I can actually start losing weight. Besides, dropping weight will mean I can eventually start wearing all those nifty, Japanese-themed t-shirts in my closet. ^_~

Because I’ve heard good things about the 5:2 diet (and because I heard nutritionist screaming about it), I decided that’s the route I’d go. Basically, the 5:2 diet means that two, nonconsecutive days a week, I have to consume less than 600 calories (it would be 500 for women). The other days, I could eat normally, providing “normal” doesn’t mean going el nutso.

So, to help encourage myself to stick with it, I made the very difficult decision to make my journey a public one. I’m going to make regular updates, though I can’t promise daily ones.

At the moment, I weigh an impressive 356.4 pounds. ^_^; My ultimate weight loss goal would be about 179 or less, since that’s what I weighed back when I lived in Japan.

The plan is to make Wednesday and Friday my “fast” days (though getting consume up to 600 calories isn’t what I’d call a fast, but that’s what it is being called). 

For this first day, I skipped breakfast, which is not unusual for me since I work 12-hour shifts. (If I grab something to eat on the way in, I eat that shortly after arriving. If I bring in both lunch and dinner, then I usually eat a couple of hours after I come in.)

For lunch, I had a Lean Cuisine fiesta grilled chicken (260 calories).  It was surprisingly good, though I had to make sure I ate very slowly and drank a lot to keep the feeding frenzy feeling from coming on me.

For dinner, I had a Lean Cuisine meatloaf with mashed potatoes (240 calories) and a frozen fudge bar (100 calories).

The fudge bar was an unexpected treat from one of our dispatchers. I would have passed, but when he said it was only 100 calories, well how could I resist, especially since that puts me right at 600 calories for the day.  Well, probably less, since that meatloaf gravy was meh.

Speaking of which, why is it that when it comes to frozen dinners, no one seems to do meatloaf properly? I need to score my mom’s recipe for meatloaf and make that sometime. ^_^

It’ll be interesting to see how I feel when I get up.  One of my oh so supportive co-workers is already telling me that I won’t make it through the night since I’ll be hungry. *lol* Bastard! ^_~

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