Marriott Hotels

You know, I’m very unimpressed with Marriott Hotels, or rather the one hosting Starfest 2008. This is supposedly a 3-star hotel but things are just not right. I already mentioned the lack of a Sci-Fi channel, but this I found a bit more annoying. Despite the fact that this is a convention weekend and the hotel is pretty full of “fools” and the like, the hotel’s little store was closed nice and early, despite the fact that (1) it was supposed to be open until 10pm and (2) live music was still being played late into the night, thusly there was a large crowd around. So, if one were to want a little snack or something (even if for those outrageous prices), you are out of luck. I was feeling peckish, but I wasn’t hungry for a full meal, or even an appetizer from the bar or room service.

OK, there are vending machines. Well, sorta. There are Pepsi vending machines on every floor selling the identical products, but not snack machines. No snack machines in a hotel? They’ve existed in the other 3-star places I’ve stayed so why not Marriott? It makes no sense to me.

OK, there’s a convenience store, right? About 1/2 mile away is one, which was a hike to be sure (traversing busy streets, going under an Interstate) but since I hadn’t been on a nice walk in a while, I thought, “What the heck.” Besides, when I got there, I found what I wanted — Fritos Jalapeno Cheddar dip and some Tostitos chips.

These are minor things to be sure, but considering this is supposedly a better hotel, I expect better things, more so when hosting a large convention. Color me seriously unimpressed.

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