Starfest 2008 – 02

Masi Oka (Heroes) and Nate Torrence (Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) just did their studio presentation for the move Get Smart (which I won’t be seeing, thank you very much). We got to see a 7-minute clip, which naturally started with Masi and Nate’s characters being featured. People screamed with laughter during the clip. I, however, smiled once and that was it. Extremely predictable humor is not funny to me. If you want to make me laugh, change things up or do the unexpected. Then again, I was a minority in a room of people laughing so loud at times, one would have thought they were starved for comedy.

Anyway, we were told repeatedly, “Do NOT ask Masi questions about Heroes.” That’s because he was only there to promote Get Smart. So, what was the first question? About Heroes.

The second question was even worse. “When is the 2nd season of Heroes going to come out?”

“On DVD?” asked Masi?

“On TV,” came the response.

Lepidus and I couldn’t believe our ears, nor could most of the other folks in the room (99% of whom where there to see Masi) seeing as how season 2 came and went long, long ago.

In the end, about 1/3 of the questions were about Heroes. I guess some people just think, “Screw that! I’m going to ask what I’m going to ask.”

Masi and Nate were cool about everything though and the most intelligent question came from Lepidus, who asked them to talk about their characters in the movie. Both Masi and Nate immediately perked up at this and really went into their characters and how on the straight-to-video extra that will come out 10-days after the movie hits the theater, Masi and Nate’s characters are featured there. So kudos to Lepidus!

Masi and Nate also had a little fun, both having a clear grasp of comedy. When Masi’s mic went out and an attractive staff member had to replace it, Nate picked up on the fun of things, wondering if he should even be seeing this.

I took some pictures, but don’t have time to upload them to the PC, check them, or resize them for posting at the moment. Anne Lockhart (the original Battlestar Galactica) is onstage in a few minutes, so Lepidus and I are about to head down. I’ll get pictures added to this post (and others) later.

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