Starfest 2008 – 01

After our arrival, it was time to score our rooms and then score our passes. So, we decided on some restaurant Russian roulette and ended up at Great Northern Tavern. Neither of us had been here, but it had the feel of a bar and grill joint. We were wrong. It was an overpriced joint with some normal sounding dishes, only with some twist in cases (meatloaf stuffed with goat cheese?). Well, since Lepidus and I are here to have fun, we threw caution to the wind and got the expensive dinners — he the Prime Rib and I the New York Strip. That’s $30 each. ^_^;;; The bread was really good but the meals were just OK; they certainly weren’t worth $30.

Still, what’s a meal without desert, so he got the Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake and I the Key Lime Pie. Heck, we’re already paying an arm and a leg so why not pile on? The desert was pretty good but overall, the place was a disappointment. However, they seem to do a decent amount of business though, especially with the higher-paid after work crowd.

Returning to the hotel, Lepidus and I scouted around a bit. We looked in the dealer room real quick, but there’s never anything in there that I want. I did pick up a couple of shirts just because but otherwise, that will be the end of my spending on fluff. We both picked up some free posters before returning to our rooms to drop off the loot.

Since we both are keen to see the new Battlestar Galactica episode, we decided to join a group that were going to watch it in the hotel bar. While they had it on two of the wide-screen TV’s, an amateur rock band blasted away in the atrium. As such, we decided to head back to Lepidus’s room to watch the new episode. Unfortunately, we discovered that while we could get the previous two episodes, they actually carry the Sci-Fi channel. Nice. However, should I wish for fap material, there is a dizzying array of porn videos/movies/whatever. Glad to know that aspect is taken care of. *_*

So, it was to the Internet, but unlike other 3-star places I’ve stayed, Marriott charges for Internet, and quite a bit. So our Starfest discount gets recouped by Marriott in Internet charges. Oh well.

Ultimately, I have to say that things have gotten off to a disappointing start. There’s all day tomorrow and all day Sunday. I’m sure there will be fun stuff then. ^_^;

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