Battlestar Galactica S04 E01

Summary (mild SPOILERS): Starbuck makes an unexpected return as the Cylon fleet attacks the Colonial fleet. While the Galactica and her fighters put up a valiant effort, things look bad until a Cylon Raider scans the fighter that Anders is in and the whole Cylon fleet retreat and leave. Starbuck is tested and questioned about her whereabouts as she thinks she’s been gone six hours but she’s been gone two months, her fighter looking brand new. The fleet jumps and each jump takes them further way from where Starbuck feels Earth is and it drives her spare. Meanwhile, Baltar is taken in by a cult, where he ultimately offers “God” his life in exchange for a child’s life. Baltar’s Six asks if he means it and the child lives, as does Baltar.

Thoughts: The opening sequence was just amazing. I sat there, giddy as a school boy at the battle, the FX were just amazing. Not that amazing FX are anything new to the series (I cite the BSG movie Razor as proof) but somehow, things were just different and felt fresh and exciting. Good stuff all the way around. With the Cylons having bugged out after scanning Anders, does this mean that we won’t have the Cylons as villains any more? Something happened, that’s for sure and unless some Cylons don’t get the message or decide to rebel, I’m not sure how they remain as villains.

Now, the Baltar stuff with its clear, Christ-like implications is something I don’t like. But, I was glad they had Baltar shave and cut his “Jesus locks” off. *_* So now is he going to be a new prophet or something, going around healing the sick and bringing miracles to the fleet?

The Starbuck story will be very interesting. Being returned to the fleet in a new fighter and unharmed is certainly something, as is her story of having found Earth. The fact that she’s got a gun on the president when the episode ended was just pure evil, but I guess that’s one way to ensure a high return rate of visitors.

Good stuff all the way around here over all.

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