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Monday ended up getting spent not packing. The cleaning company was supposed to come out that morning, but, “Oops!” They wrote down the correct day but not the correct date. So, they didn’t show up until noon. As such, I was able to head to Lowes, when the spring snow kicked in big time. Man! Still, I scored a new 6-foot ladder, some bulbs, a new mini blind, a push broom, some bathroom caulk, and more.

I returned to the condo and emptied ice bucket again, as required for the new fridge. It was then that I noticed that the disposal was leaking (and indeed, Clint was kind enough to show me later where the crack was, having formerly been a plumber). Nice. Being a home owner sure is expensive. *lol*

Clint from the cleaning crew arrived and got to work on my windows. I got to say, they look pretty sweet now, almost new. His wife and their hired lady arrived an hour later and began work on cleaning. On the surface, the place didn’t look too bad, but that was only on the surface. The window sills were a nightmare. There was massive grease residue on top of all the cabinets around the stove (likely they’d never been cleaned since the unit was built). There were signs of all kinds of spills. Then there were signs where someone had taken and ruined the surface of some shelves and the bar by scrubbing them with a metal scrubber. Just wild.

Four hours and $250 later, they were done. At that moment, I wished I could just teleport all my stuff into the place, but alas, that’s not to be. *sigh* I hate moving.

Today, I picked up some drapes for my bedroom (or rather I went to Penny’s and ordered them). Fortunately, my mom gave me a bit of a crash course on drape purchases (which I figured I might as well do since the rod was already installed) both over e-mail and on the phone. Still, rather than order online, I wanted to see drapes in person as this was something I’d never considered purchasing before. They didn’t have any thermal drapes (which was my mom’s suggestion) but they did have samples which showed why they work well at blocking light (good if you are a day sleeper) and so forth. I ended up ordering some, which will be sent to the store, thus saving me on shipping costs. Yay me!

Next week — the air duct cleaning and the installation of two sets of mini-blinds. ^_^;

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