Doctor Who S04 E01

30th season from the beginning…

Partners in Crime

SPOILER Summary: The Doctor is investigating a new anti-fat pill from Adipose Industries while former companion Donna Noble does the same, hoping to once again meet the Doctor and this time join him on his journeys. While this new pill does indeed reduce fat, it does so by causing the fat to form into a blockish body, the infants of a race known as the Adipose. When company head (and nanny) Miss Foster discovers the Doctor is onto her, she accellerates plans so that instead of just fat, those who’ve taken the pill will now have their entire bodies coverted into Adipose, forcing the Doctor and Donna to try to end the process lest many people die.

Thoughts: This is an OK episode. When I heard that Donna was returning, I was not thrilled. Catherine Tate annoyed me to no end in “The Runaway Bride” with how Donna was played. Ugh. However, her acting is toned back a bit for this episode, and she becomes a more likable person, though with those traits seen originally still there. At least now they aren’t in ones face all the time.

There was a bit of comedy with the Doctor and Donna miming a conversation to each other. The biggest “win” moment for me (SPOILER y’all) is when Rose was in the crowd after the events observing, then after Donna speaks to her (not knowing who she is of course), Rose walks away and disappears. That’s some intriguing bit of table setting for sure.

Otherwise, this episode is just too kiddie for my tastes. It is one I can see fast-forwarding through when the series comes out on DVD.

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